How Understanding Making of Meaning as Social Practice Differs from Understanding Cultural Products - Assignment Example

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The author of the assignment explains how understanding the making of meaning as a social practice differs from the understanding of cultural products as simply another type of mass-produced goods and from the social construction of the realistic approach.   …
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How Understanding Making of Meaning as Social Practice Differs from Understanding Cultural Products
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Hall’s theoretical interpretation of meaning, as well as language together with representation, is in-depth and highly analytical. Primarily hall presents language as the major aspect that produces meaning. As such, he questions whether things which are primarily objects, as well as events and people that fall within the province of the world, have their own true meaning embedded within their own systems like number plates and language. Hall also puts across another dimension which questions whether there exist variations in meaning as exhibited in the different languages of the world that also manifest differences in cultures which ultimately result in varied meanings altogether. Hall’s assumptions are based on the question of whether man’s representation of the world is the basis for his own meaning as opposed to the meaning as derived on the world stage. In conclusion, Halls analysis raises the inherent complexity of the issue and in this regard, for us to arrive at concordant conclusions about the concept of meaning, it calls for rallying the concept across an array of the prior discussed scenarios.
While Carey’s consciousness in his works is primarily based upon the concept of an American tradition in studies of culture and goes on to delineate his thoughts to fit within this framework, he himself acknowledges the methodology that contrasting interdisciplinary scholars hired in mid 20th Century. When Carey asks for a Distinctly American tradition in the study of the culture he bases his assumptions upon the work of Dewey, Mead, Park, and Cooley. The underlying concept that is worth acknowledging is the trend by Carey to represent media ecology as well as American studies of culture-based solely on influences of theory. As such, the roots that primarily approach communication and meaning with a ritualistic perspective postulated by Hall are absent entirely in Carey’s historical intellectuals though it is worth acknowledging that they run parallel.
In contrast to Hall, Horkheimer and Adorno contend that the sociological perception that the diminished support that religion offered and the complete disassociation of pre-capitalist remnants in union with technical as well as social demarcation are the main factors that can be attributed to cultural chaos does not fall in line when viewed against daily experience. In today’s world, culture is the Major concept that results in sameness across an otherwise diverse society. The film, as well as magazines and the radio, create a system. Each cultural dimension is unanimous innately but as a team, they are also unanimous as an array of cultures. This is the onset of mass production and standardization.    Read More
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