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The Different Aspects of Reality - Essay Example

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In the essay “The Different Aspects of Reality” the author analyzes the question of how reality should be dealt with. Various authors have different views of reality. While some say that one should embrace reality as it is, others believe that one should change his views about it in order to stomach it…
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The Different Aspects of Reality
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Extract of sample "The Different Aspects of Reality"

Download file to see previous pages Obviously, this is all fantasy as a falling star cannot be caught, and mandrake roots and mermaids are purely mythological. This fantastic imagery helps to reveal the imaginary and impossible theme of Donne’s poem. Nevertheless, such impossibility teaches the reader to be realistic and to realize that there is no perfect lover in the world. Although it is the fantasy that masks John Donne’s realism in “Song,” Frederick Nims’ “Love Poem” is downright honest in saying that perfect love does not exist and that if one loves another then one has to embrace all of his or her lover’s shortcomings. Nims uses the imagery of an unskilled and disorganized woman in revealing the reality of imperfections in relationships. In the first stanza, Nims describes his lover as his “…clumsiest dear, whose hands shipwreck vases” and someone “at whose quick touch all glasses chip and ring” (Nims 366). Such a woman, as depicted by the imagery, is always making mistakes. She is also known as an “unpredictable dear, the taxi driver’s error” as well as a “Misfit in any space/ And never on time” (366). She is, therefore, lacks finesse and punctuality. Nevertheless, although she is “Forgetting [her] coffee spreading on [their] flannel,” the poet and she are “so gaily in love’s unbreakable heaven” (366). This means that no matter how careless and imperfect she is, the point is that they love each other so much. Love, therefore, can bloom despite the imperfection, and this is real love. One should, therefore, love his or her lover despite all his or her shortcomings. The imagery in the final stanza reveals a rather exaggerated form of acceptance of one’s lover: “Smash glasses/ I will study wry music for your sake” (366). This means that no matter how clumsy the lover is, as long as there is love, there is a necessity to wholeheartedly embrace all his or her imperfections. The exaggerated imagery of the last two lines then ultimately reveals that one’s happiness even depends on such an imperfection: “For should, your hands drop white and empty/ All the toys of the world would break” (366). This simply means one thing – without such lover’s hands, no matter how imperfect the labor that they produce is, nothing would be done at all, or without such an imperfect lover, there would be no happiness at all for the person who loves him or her. Although happiness is derived from imperfect reality, sometimes such reality is boring and one needs to make himself happy from his daydreams.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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