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Value of philosophy - Essay Example

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Value of Philosophy Introduction This paper analyses the importance of philosophy according to Bertrand Russell. Russell gives his definition of philosophy and relates it to a union of both the self and not self (Bertrand Pg 25). Russell argues that our human nature has allowed us to convert the universe according to our mind…
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Value of philosophy
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Value of philosophy

Download file to see previous pages... According to this author, a true philosophical contemplation finds its meaning in the enlargement of not self in everything in the universe. The mind Russell believes that although philosophy does not enhance our physical wellbeing, it has a major role in human kind of enriching our mental lives mainly through the mind, which determines the way we relate with the immediate environment. However, the enrichment that Russell refers to does not provide all the answers to all the philosophical questions but instead offers a variety of suggestions on how to tackle these problems (Bertrand Pg 26). Russell insists that the mind that views philosophy as a conformation of freedom and impartiality will always strive to protect and preserve these values. This kind of mind will view its purpose and desires as path of the whole. This kind of mind in reference is a free mind that fights for justice and freedom hence the analogy and linkage of many philosophers with histories of freedom fighting and involvement in fighting for human rights. Russell believes that the enlargement of human mind enlarges objects and human mind that is responsible for freedom and liberation. According to Russell, philosophy gives a wider range of suggestions on how to deal with feelings of uncertainty and fear. For example, through philosophy it is easy to make unfamiliar things to look familiar (Bertrand Pg 27). According to Russell, unless we enlarge our mind to include other perspectives of the outer world, we remain like garrison in a blue guard fortress with no freedom. Such life has no peace and is involved with constant strives between desires and powerlessness of will. Philosophic contemplation does not divide the universe into sections but instead join it into one single camp. Russell insists that we must continue to seek brain enlargement by operating on the desires of our mind (Bertrand Pg 27). However, we cannot find this enlargement if we take the mind as it is but must make our minds open and free from alien impossibilities. Self-assertion is an example of philosophic speculation and this hinders mind enlargement. Russell also argues about the separation of the study of human mind from the field of philosophy. He disagrees with those scientists who have included the study of human mind as psychology. However, he still maintains that philosophy is still embedded in sciences and more so in the study of human mind. Although human mind plays a greater role in defining philosophy, religion is important in conceptualizing the meaning of philosophy. Russell questions the value of good and evil in the planet and wonders if good and evil is only important to humans or to the whole universe. Philosophy is therefore very valuable and whoever lives a life without a tincture of philosophy undergoes duress and a life of imprisonment. Such individuals are also affected by prejudices of common sense. Such people views the world as a definite, finite, obvious, common and with no reason unfamiliar. The view of philosophy has many wrong conceptions therefore philosophy strives to search for knowledge. The knowledge sought gives the unity of system and body. This knowledge is helpful in examining the grounds of convictions, prejudices, and beliefs. According to Russell, the quest for philosophical knowledge continues to face many challenges due to broken units and sciences that have derived their sense ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Explain and justify your view. Nietzsche’s view against philosophy and reason derives from his views of the current western philosophical tradition, as organized around a conception of philosophy deriving from Socrates. He was against philosophy and reason in the Socratic sense, which viewed philosophy, which aims for knowledge of timeless and non-empirical truths, including truths about the good and the right; thus, knowledge of the truth is the overriding value in philosophy and is also essential for living well.
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