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Existentialism - Essay Example

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1 Name: Professor: Class: Date: Existentialism Order No. 833936 Existentialism is a philosophy that centers on the premise that any philosophical thinking begins with the human subject. The philosophy articulates that each individual, not religion or society, is singularly responsible for giving meaning to life and living it passionately and sincerely…
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Download file to see previous pages... The actual life of the individual is what constitutes his or her “true essence” instead of there being a peremptorily ascribed essence used by others to define him or her. Hence, every human, through his or her own consciousness, creates his or her own value and determines a meaning to life. According to this philosophy, the source of our value can only be internal. This core view leads to several corollaries like- we have no predetermined nature or essence that controls what we are, what we do, or what is valuable for us, we are radically free to act independently without determination by outside influencers, we also create our values through these choices, we create our own human nature through these free choices, We 2 are thrown into existence first without a predetermined nature and it is only later that we construct our own nature or essence through our actions. In other words, it means, our Existence, through our act of free self creation, defines our Essence. The existentialist philosophy strongly suggests that the identity of any person cannot be found by examining what other people are like, but only in what that particular person has done. This implies that, we have no predetermined nature that controls what we are, or what we do. The key concepts that govern the theoretical philosophy of existentialism are Existence precedes Essence, Facticity, The Absurd, Authenticity, Angst, Despair and Opposition to Positivism and Rationalism. The theme of Existence precedes Essence which means that the most important consideration for any individual is the fact that he or she is an individual regardless of any label, role, stereotype, definition or any preconceived category the individual fits. The theme of facticity refers to the absolute realities attached to an individual like having a body and having committed certain actions independently. The theme of the absurd is the idea that there is nothing to the world beyond what meaning we see in it. The concept of Authenticity is the idea that one has to create one’s self and live according to the choices he or she makes. Angst or Anxiety, according to existential philosophy is the disposition of a person when he or she cannot live according to the choices made. Despair refers to the loss of hope when there is a dent in the Essence of an individual. 3 In summary, the philosophy of existentialism supports an individual’s free will, that an individual’s nature is defined through choices, that decisions are not without stress and consequences, that there are irrationalities in this universe, that personal responsibility and discipline is key, that society is unnatural while all social rules are arbitrary. The philosophy does not support the beliefs that wealth, honor and pleasure make a good life, social values and structure control the individual, accept the way it is, and that is sufficient in life, science is panacea for all travails, individuals are born good and are later ruined by society/environment as they age. The in-class example highlights the philosophy of existentialism from the point of view of two individuals. Here is one individual [“Existence”]. The essence that can be attributed to him is that he is a professor. He is a professor because he went through undergrad, grad and post-grad ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Man cannot determine his own existence except if that man is a secular humanist. There is no way one can be both atheist and theist. This is unprincipled marriage of convenience that only calls secularism. Therefore, existentialism is a quasi-secular humanist philosophy.
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In their views, Buber, Levinas, Wiesel and Frankl have expressed different views concerning the relations between God and a man under oppressive conditions of Holocaust. Buber claimed that God did not reveal his presence in the XX century. Otherwise occurrence of Auschwitz would hardly happen.
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In other words, a human being is first an individual before other labels, roles or stereotypes (Flynn 156). This suggests that human beings should always act under their own consciousness in order to establish their values. This also entail the determination of the meaning their lives in relation to the existing environment.
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In other words, Kieji Nishitani condemns the obsession with worldly things because they lead people to a sense of nihility (Nishitani 338). This is a state that confuses the meaning of life and hinders people from attaining the sense of the horizon. According to Kieji Nishitani, there is a lot of confusion that is characterized with religion especially upon ignorant people.
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There are also aspects of faith that play a fundamental role in questioning of beliefs and responsibility of humanity (Earnshaw 170). Additionally, death and its accompanying effects on the living are paramount in shaping the opinions of individuals on the meaning of life.
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The accumulation of data and information was published in his book Man’s Search for Meaning in 1946 (Pytell 281-282; Frankl and Allport 101). Based on the results of the study that he had undertaken, man is
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There was only duration, only existence, and it was to be endured, not celebrated. However, at its core this was an empty philosophy and one with no real substance. Two of the great existentialist thinkers, Sartre and Camus, clearly illustrate this
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he meaning of life and existence; and, there is a need for “authenticity” or “being true to one’s own personality, spirit and character” (Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, “Authenticity”) in order to understand human existence. Furthermore, it rests on the impression
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This would be influenced by the fact that the human society has already trained the human beings that there is a place called hell where subsequent punishment would be done. For the purpose of this paper, I
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cently read perfectly reveals the origin and the sense of this important direction of the new thinking and defines what existentialism is and what it is not. Firstly, existentialism, as it is obvious from the term itself, is primarily related to existence, therefore, this is
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