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Moral Life - Essay Example

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Some People claim that moral life is based on personal feelings and individual decisions; others prefer to reduce morality to laws and commandments. Firstly, we should figure out what ‘moral’ really means; so basically moral refers to a person’s sense of right and wrong…
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Moral Life
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Download file to see previous pages It speaks of three things, moral standards, moral responsibility and moral identity. (Design. Morality 2013) When we claim that we want to lead a moral life, it means that we want to lead a life which embodies our own moral commitments. When the person has a good conscience which is socialized by human contact, then the person automatically starts leading a good moral life. A moral person would always do the right thing for the reason without thinking of any laws or commandments. It is true that laws and commandments enforce morality on people making them lead a forced moral life, for instance, if the law forbids killing and a person still wants to do that despite knowing its wrong, then that person is not moral by being. More importantly, these laws and commandments are at times not even same in all parts of the world. Having said that, in a few countries of the world there are not enough laws related to all the wrong activities, so considering that if morality and moral life is reduced to just laws and commandments, then the people living in those countries where they are not enough laws will less likely be able to lead a moral life. Morality of a person should always come from within; it depends on the conscience of a person. If a person’s conscience doesn’t find killing or stealing a wrong deed then that person’s conscience is formed poorly and hence his moral judgments wouldn’t be trustworthy either. A good conscience also plays a major role in leading a moral life. Morality has an impact on our daily decisions and these decisions are directed by our conscience. We shall figure out from where this conscience really originates from. Some people think that conscience is just a matter of our hearts and that the concepts of right and wrong are programmed in each of us The general ability of knowing what is right and wrong including the concrete judgments that humans make regarding what should or should not be done is all represented by conscience. To follow or depart from reason and the divine law are the decisions which moral choices confront us with; so a good conscience is what make makes judgments confirming to the reason. It is rightly said then that, a good conscience requires a lifelong formation as once it is developed properly, there is no way the person with good conscience will not lead a good moral life based on personal decisions. A moral life which will inspire others and they would follow the same path too. All said and done, a moral person would always do the right thing for the reason without thinking of any laws or commandments. A moral character would neither act out of fear nor hope for any reward. So many people who are bind to follow the law are not leading a moral life but they are just ‘pretending’ to be moral because a moral person is ‘moral’ in being not in behavior. So personal feelings seem to play a bigger role and have a greater impact in the attempt to lead a moral life than laws and commandments. As only when a person feels from within about the god and the bad then only can that person strive to lead a better life, a moral life without any forced rules enforced on him. This is how we can lead a moral life based on our personal decisions, by imagining the right way of conducting our lives; by caring for others when they are in trouble in a way which makes us feel that we are doing well in this world. The first step to seek a good moral life is to develop a good ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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