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Death And Its Significance - Essay Example

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Death and its Significance By Introduction Death is the ending of life. When one’s life ends or is over, then they are considered dead. According to Fred Fieldman, for one to be able to completely comprehend death, then one has to be able to fully understand life (1992)…
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Death And Its Significance

Download file to see previous pages... The attribute of death being evil was picked up due to people not being able to justify a person’s death. Some people would have been better off alive than dead according to some people’s interpretation. The idea of death is however ruled out by Fieldman, as he considers dead people not to have any feeling whatsoever lest an opinion (1992).His perception of a dead person thus means that he has become non-existent. Death in Medieval/ Middle Ages In the medieval years, death was viewed as a way of life. Everyone had the concept that that was where they were all headed; that they would eventually die. This shows that people in the middle ages were more proverbial with the term death and what it actually brought. It was more welcome in their lives than feared (Aries, 1974). They were all resigned to their fate, which was to die. This was the eventuality of everyone and everything. People’s experience with death began at birth where in communities like the African ones, new-borns were named after those who had already passed on. They considered it a reincarnation or rebirth of their loved ones who had already passed on. This was probably in a bid to keep their memories alive and the belief that there was life after death. This is how Buddhists view death even up to date. They are at ease with death and just think of it as relocation, where one moves from one place to another or switching houses for a particular convenience. In the ancient times, the thought of death was rather comforting than it is worrying in the days we now live in. It was as if they had a premonition of death and were somewhat prepared for it waiting for the day it come knocking at their door. It was as if they had it all figured out; the surrendering of oneself to death (a better place full of peace and serenity) until it was time to return to this world by being reborn. The middle ages’ people saw death as this obvious and restrained thing la mort apprivoisee; which is a complete opposite of the present times, where death is seen as strange and feared by people. These people also had mourning and burial rituals and traditions that followed a death encounter. This again is in support of how the people in those times were at ease with death and were prepared for the loss that comes with death. Death was a rite of passage in life. Death in Present Times In most recent times, death has become a taboo rarely spoken about and with myths surrounding it. It is still though a mystery but people have become more detached from it due to fear of the ‘evil’ that is mostly accompanied with death (Aries, 1974). Instead of people accepting death as a way of life like in the past ages, they are forced to actually be terrified of death. Death is now met with anxiety as people wonder what will happen to them later. People grief their loved ones and some even go to the extent of mental depression due to the loss of their loved ones. In addition, people have now become attached to their earthly possessions such as pets, and things like power and wealth. These things matter more to human beings so much that the thought of being away from them is too scary to even think about. Instead of the resignation which usually met death in early ages, people panic at the thought of dying, or otherwise losing their loved ones (Aries, 1974). The universally accepted notion that everyone is bound to die has now become completely forgotten such that an estranged person would rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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