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Schools Should Teach Creationism - Research Paper Example

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Schools Should Teach Creationism Name Institution Schools Should Teach Creationism Over quite some time now, there has been a heated debate on whether public schools should teach creationism. This controversy, which has existed between scholars, practitioners, and policymakers seem to draw the educational sector backwards…
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Schools Should Teach Creationism
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"Schools Should Teach Creationism"

Download file to see previous pages Evolution theory has had its criticism over time. In 1920’s, evolution garnered immense public support but still it stayed out of the school curriculum. A supporter of the creation science bought up a new debate in the 1980s that schools should teach creationism as a substitute of evolution. This debate is the source of all public debates in recent times concerning the same issue. Despite the arguments, public schools should teach creationism alongside the evolution theory. The students deserve to know the two theories of origin and make a choice, which suits them in accordance to the available data. According to Supreme Court ruling, educators in schools should teach alternative theories to the evolution theory. Creation science, in essence is an alternative to the evolution theory. Although the creation science has several forms, the intelligent design theory described by some creationists, qualifies the standards of a theory worth teaching. This is the most current theory of the modern creationists and lays its basis on scientific evidence. Contrary to the arguments of many people, this theory does not emphasize its religious basis. Therefore, teaching it in class will not be placing a bias on religions. Education in the current times should be as inclusive as possible. In most of the public classes, there are students from all lifestyles. These children deserve an open-minded educator who presents both sides of the story. The students should get insights to both the evolution and creation science theories and the data available concerning the two. The educator should remain impartial and should serve the purpose of informing the students. Their students should choose freely which of the two theories they could adopt. Critics argue that the creation science theory has no scientific evidence. Due to its lack of this vital scientific evidence, they argue that it does not qualify presentation in a science class. The Young Earth theory may lack scientific evidence but the intelligent design theory deserves a fairer consideration. In both cases however, both creation theories are alternatives to the Darwinian Theory. As the supreme law asserts, they deserve to appear in the curriculum. The failure to teach creationism in a science class as an alternative to the evolution will deny students the opportunity to reason. The creation science may lack the scientific evidence as all critics claim (Flank, 2007). Its representation in class will not try to prove itself right as a scientific theory. Teaching of creationism should make students realize the difference between a scientific theory and creation theory. Scientists may never accept to take the creation science theory as a hypothesis worth their debate but that should not discredit it from appearing in the curriculum (Flank, 2007). After all, it serves to explain the origin of the earth and life. Teaching creationism in class does not burden a student to adopt its views. On the contrary, the student will understand the difference between the two theories. Critics argue that the creation science theory deserves teaching only in a religious class. However, they should not forget its relevance in science class. The fact that it explains the origin of life makes it a subject worth tackling alongside other theories. As the educator tackles evolution, he or she should touch on creationism ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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