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First Meditation by Rene Descartes - Essay Example

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The paper "First Meditation by Rene Descartes" states that Descartes describes Him as omniscient and omnipotent as the being which created all things around us and regarded himself as a creature created by such powerful being. He questioned in the negative and the impact on everything…
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First Meditation by Rene Descartes
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Extract of sample "First Meditation by Rene Descartes"

Download file to see previous pages Descartes begins ‘First Meditation’ or ‘On what can be called into Doubt’ by introducing his first proposition that everything he knows, i.e. everything that we know, must be put to the test as they may not exactly be what is real. This is suggesting that the very foundation on which he based everything that he knows must be shattered to truly come up with a conclusion on matters of self-assessment verifiable accuracy. Thus he begins, “Some years ago I was struck by how many false things I had believed, and by how doubtful was the structure of beliefs that I had based on them” (p. 1). From here he traversed a self-contemplation that was unforgiving in looking at the most minute details to see the logical sequencing on how his perceptions came to be. It suggests going back to the beginning and doing away with all of his opinions to look at the core of his philosophy. Descartes professed that everything is false with clear and ardent belief that they are so. He provides that some reason, not altogether significant reason but only an inkling, to tilt the scales over to doubt is an unmistakable occasion for doubt. The foundations are the key in being able to comprehend whether or not there is room for doubt as going at each opinion one by one to look for fallacy would be tedious and next to impossible. When this central aspect is magnified then its analysis becomes possible. The vital attribute of the ‘First Meditation’ is the conversation-like format that is meant to be an almost question and answer type of reading between ‘Hopeful’ and ‘Doubtful.’ The first proposition is a direct interpretation of Aristotelian philosophy on the importance of the senses in our accumulation of knowledge and beliefs. The ‘Hopeful’ dialogue supposes that facts that are perceived by the senses cannot be denied such as the simple position of sitting, the bedtime clothing, the warmth of a fireplace and the act of gripping a paper. To sustain doubt over such factors such as being in one’s body would be analogous to being mad.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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First Meditation by Rene Descartes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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