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Perspectives of Human Thought in Visual Arts - Coursework Example

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"Perspectives of Human Thought in Visual Arts" paper focuses on Rembrandt van Rijn’s Self – Portrait Of 1658 and Romare Bearden’s Rocket to the Moon from 1971, in which are specific connections that allow one to understand the different cultural expressions throughout time…
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Perspectives of Human Thought in Visual Arts
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Extract of sample "Perspectives of Human Thought in Visual Arts"

Download file to see previous pages The different cultural expressions that are located within art are designed to create a specific expression for the art that is used.  This connects throughout time to create a universal expression that can be understood within the visual arts.  While each of these is based in a different medium and has specific techniques used for a certain time period, there is also a connection with the cultural and human experiences that are linked within this. The common function that is used in both of these is to create a perception of human thoughts for the culture of the time. This is achieved by using specific techniques and contrasts to achieve the end goal of identifying the thoughts of a time period.

The painting of Rembrandt van Rijn’s SELF – PORTRAIT was painted in 1658. This piece is currently a part of the Frick Collection located in New York. The medium of this piece is an oil painting and is the size of 133 x 10.3 cm. The piece can be found at (see Appendix A). The human experience and perspective of thought in this is one that links to the culture of the time. The focus in this piece is on the facial expression, which shows a serious and stern look that seems hopeful, but restrained with the culture of the time. The portrait is seen with a stick in one hand, to further the idea of seriousness and restraint. The portrait also has more formal wear for the time and is used to identify the main expression of the portrait. Rijn uses colors such as gold, red and brown in the robe of the portrait to highlight the expression. However, this is framed with the black hat, which moves into a more serious look and which identifies the expression in a different manner.

The piece ROCKET TO THE MOON was placed together by Romare Bearden. The physical location of this piece is unknown. The medium used for this is a collage and is 200x 284 on canvas. Like the other piece, this particular medium identifies the perception of thought during this time, specifically by linking ideas in the collage into freedom. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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