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The object of this assignment is art as a beautiful way of expressing one's thoughts, feelings and perception of things. It helps one to give their own vies on a particular issue. Art has been used over time to express things that happen for instance in history or man’s life…
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Examples of Art and the Historical Aspects They Give
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Art is a beautiful way of expressing ones thought, feelings and perception of things. It helps one to give their own vies on a particular issue. Art has been used over time to express things that happen for instance in history or man’s life. Below are various examples of art and the historical aspects they give. (Kleinbauer, 101).
Magenta, Black, Green and Orange is a piece of art done by Mark Rothko. Rothko’s painting is a good example of an abstract painting that can be said to be an epitome of sophisticated art. He uses rectangular blocks that separate narrowly. The rectangles have different colors varying from Magenta, Green, Orange and Black. This piece of art, he did to express normal emotions that man has. These emotions tend to erupt after tragedy, doom and ecstasy. The Magenta, Black, Green on Orange painting expressed religious experiences that Rothko had during the painting. People who viewed the paint experienced the same feelings. This was evident as some people would even cry when they viewed the painting. It shows deep emotions that manifested when man faced certain circumstances.
Martha Knowles and Thomas Henrietta’s painting of my sweet sister Emma is a piece of art that has used warm colors to give a warm feeling. This piece of art is slightly similar to Rothko’s art, in that they both used blocks of color, which seems to give almost the same visual effects. Emma received this piece of art as a gift for her wedding. This piece shows warmth that families share. This piece moves from one family member to another over time that is from one generation to another. This has the effect of spreading love and strong family bonds. The piece also shows how people interacted back in history and how strong bonds of love and family warmth took place. The picture displays exceedingly strong bonds that are evident in human life.
Michelangelo Buonarroti is a painting, well known as Doni Tondo. The painting has a wooden frame that is magnificent. It has five heads that symbolize Jesus, two sables and two prophets. The frame is a symbol of court of arms of the Strozzi and Doni families. The piece of painting demonstrates Mary taking up Jesus from Joseph. On the background, John, the Baptist appears. This painting shows a transition from the times of paganism. It demonstrates early Christianity. The painting primarily features the holy family. The painting shows the humans salvation and mortality. It shows Jesus as the Christ and the way humans look up to Him for salvation. That is why they are at the baptismal pool so that they undergo baptism and purifies from their sinful ways. The Painting depicts the human relationship to Christ as stated in the bible.
Carpet Page from the Lindisfarne Gospels, This is another terrific piece of art that is super in terms of design made out of costly materials. This piece of art is created and made use of by the holy island at the Lindisfarne Priory. This is a community that is religious that housed St Cuthbert’s shrine. Apart from being a greater piece of art, it displays a combination of styles of arts that reflect England’s history, a period that was particularly crucial. Christianity in Britain came through the Romans for the first time. With invasion by non Christians, the country ended up re converted when the Rome converted the pagans. This painting is used to show the transition of Christianity in Britain.
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Kleinbauer, W E. Modern Perspectives in Western Art History: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century Writings on the Visual Arts. Toronto: Published by University of Toronto Press in association with the Medieval Academy of America, 1989. Print. Read More
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