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Couturier Paul Poirets Fashion Illustration: Pochoir and Art Deco Fashion Plates - Term Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to investigate Paul Poiret’s revolutionizing the approach to fashion illustration. The couturier’s innovative use of the expensive stencil technique known as pochoir and its method of Art Deco exemplified by the fashion plates published in Gazette du Bon Ton is examined…
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Couturier Paul Poirets Fashion Illustration: Pochoir and Art Deco Fashion Plates
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Extract of sample "Couturier Paul Poirets Fashion Illustration: Pochoir and Art Deco Fashion Plates"

Download file to see previous pages “Dominating Paris couture from 1909 to 1914, Poiret revolutionized fashion with his designs for the ‘new woman’, ending wasp waists and constricting corsets” (Encyclopedia 2009, p.38809). Unlike other contemporary couturiers, Paul Poiret thrived on promoting his own career and advertising his achievements. Thus, “illustrations of Poiret’s gowns appeared in many fashion publications” (Cunningham 2003, p.216). In 1911, he created a new line of fragrances, cosmetics, and decorative products for the home; the first designer to branch off into other areas related to fashion. Poiret’s technique of illustrating his fashion plates was by getting his artists to stencil or pochoir his designs. This he further developed into an Art Deco form in which fashion garments were showcased as a part of the elite lifestyle, beauty, accessories, interior decoration or natural surroundings.

New fashion magazines such as the Gazette du Bon Ton which was published between 1912 to 1914, and again between 1920 and 1925 were devoted to Art Deco. The magazine regularly featured Poiret’s designs and had a wide reach among the public. “The exposure raised fashion illustration to an art form”, observes Cunningham (2003, p.216). After World War I, Poiret’s imaginative couture business had to be closed down because hs designs were no longer fashionable.

Paul Poiret was a well-known designer of the pre-World War I period, who created haute couture for the European upper classes and royalty. He replaced the constricting whalebone S-shaped corsets and multiple layers of underclothing of the previous era, with comfortable inner-wear. “Poiret preferred the soft cache-corset, a precursor of the brassiere; a wide stiff belt took the place of tight lacings” (Yaeger 2007, p.121).

Around 1910 Paul Poiret introduced the ‘hobble skirt’ with an easy fit around the hips tapering down to an ankle-hugging bottom (Fig.1). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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