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Authenticity in Music - Essay Example

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This paper "Authenticity in Music" presents an authenticity that makes music lively. In order the modern-day musicians can reach the current market demands they should learn how to effectively co-ordinate the facsimiles to bring the original meaning of any music…
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Authenticity in Music
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Download file to see previous pages Japan has embraced the music genre called pop since the 1990s. On its emergence in Japan, pop music replaced the local “Kayokyoku” music in order to cater to international music demand. The Japanese pop music has diversified and now it is common in all parts of the country (Craig, 2000:13). One amusing fact about Japanese pop music is that it is a hard alternative genre that combines both English and Japanese which are blended so well that they bring the authentic taste (Keller, 2008:6). Japanese pop music has been formed and expanded by imported music from other cultures. The Japanese have assimilated music continually from countries like Korean and the Buddhism kingdom. The Japanese pop musicians had to immediately conform to carter for the American occupying forces. These musicians had first to interact in lengthy with American musicians in order to learn the recording forms of pop music because the American character of pop music is regarded as contestable (Levinson, 2011:7). The Japanese pop industry had to locate itself in an aesthetic hierarchy that would reinforce the asymmetries of power and cultural prestige. The Japanese had thus to embrace the Japan-US relationship by placing American artists at the apex as innovators and the Japanese maintained as imitators.

The idea of authenticity in Japanese pop music has taken root in the idea of western popular music. Although Japanese music has become the heart of the music of the people, there is still the idea that it can only be authentically done by the westerners. The idea of authenticity in Japanese music has taken root in the blending of English and Japanese in lyrics. The Japanese artists write the whole composition purely in English simply to acquire authenticity (Sxornbrun, 2005: 18). Japanese people have a rough history of importing and assimilating music and instruments from around the globe as in the case of pop music.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Authenticity in Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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