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Film Responses : Bringing Down a Dictator , Corporation and The Thirst - Movie Review Example

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This paper encompasses a discussion of my reaction to the movie "Bringing Down a Dictator". The film is both a moving and inspiring film an it displays the tenets of some great anthropological thinkers while telling its story…
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Film Responses : Bringing Down a Dictator , Corporation and The Thirst
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Film Responses : Bringing Down a Dictator , Corporation and The Thirst

Download file to see previous pages... There are many ways that individuals can resist and many times, it is done in a nonviolent manner. In this film this type of nonviolent resistance can be seen.

The film depicts the cry of the Serbian people and their stand to authority. They do not use violence or weapons to take their stand and make their cry for help. The weapons they implement are ridicule, rock and roll music and civil disobedience. My reaction to this was a mix between amusement and awe. The tactics they used to resist power were amusing to me yet I was in awe at the bravery it took to use the tactics and was further awed by the fact that it worked.

An inequality in power has always existed in society. The film "Bringing Down a Dictator" shows what can happen when individuals question this power and by using self-reliance and independent thinking can resist the power. This film tells the story of Slobodan Milosevic and a group of students and at the same time Milosevic struggled to hold power in Yugoslavia and the OTPOR. The OTPOR is a student movement and in Mosevic's attempt to hold power the regime was attacked. The standard norms for an attack-bombs, guns and weapons- were not used. Rather the attack on the regime was done through the use of ridicule, rock music and an eagerness and compliance to being arrested. The courage and boldness of the protesters inspired other students and citizens. They were motivated by the actions of the students and others joined in to work together to conquer their fear and join the fight. This ultimately led to Milosevic's fall from power, arrest and extradition to The Hague to stand trial for crimes against humanity.
It is not common for "the peasants to revolt" so when they do their resistance to power is a matter of interest. James c. Scott was particularly interested in power and everyday forms of resistance.
Michael Foucault's views on social power gave me a perspective on the film and gave me plenty to think about along with the film. Both these great thinkers can add enlightenment to "Brining Down a Dictator" and why the "peasants" did what they did.
My response to the film was that I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed at the acts of resitance and that they were able to overthrow Milosevic. The creative way in which they brought him down was quite astonishing also. I cannot believe that anyone would view this film and not feel completely inspired, as I know I was. Most of us accept power and never resist it so it took a lot of courage for it to be done in this film.
The non-violent manner in which the dictator, Mikolvec, was overthrown was absolutely genius. It proved to me that you do not have to fight fire with fire literally. In reading the thoughts of James C. Scott when he states, "that peasant rebellions can only be understood in the light of a peasant system of values which is irrevocably linked to their subsistence requirements." (Scott 1985) By this he meant that if someone does not understand the severity of a plight of the people it is difficult to empathize with them. I will be honest I could not relate to the way the people in "Bringing Down the Dictator" were living. This is not because their plight and circumstances were not believable to me. It is because I have never been in a situation where I was as totally helpless as these people were and had no option but to resist. Scott has some other notable premises that apply to resisting power and apply to this film. Scott looks at the ordinary and finds extraordinary things ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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