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Frank Reich Daughter, Wife, Family, Biography, Other Facts - Essay Example

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Check this "Frank Reich Daughter, Wife, Family, Biography, Other Facts". Frank Reich coaches the National Football League (NFL)…
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Extract of sample "Frank Reich Daughter, Wife, Family, Biography, Other Facts"

Download file to see previous pages The players compiled an overall record of 17-15-0. In his career, Reich coached as a football head for two seasons. His Early Education Life Frank began his high school journey at 'Cedar Crest' in Pennsylvania. When he discovered that he was passionate about football, he shifted his focus from other sports to concentrate on it. After his high school education, he received a scholarship to attend university. Biography of Frank Reich 1981 saw Frank joining the University of Maryland. He started his football career in this institution. In 1984, he took his school on a battle against the Miami Hurricanes. At first, the match was a total knockout. At a score of 31-0, Frank took a quarterback position that led his team to a comeback. It was a win for them when they came out top with a 42-40 score. After the event, 1985 saw him being drafted by the NFL Buffalo Bills.
  • The Buffalo Bills
Frank was in the Buffalo Bills team from 1985 to 1994. He did not hold any significant position in the team. Primarily, he was a sub quarterback for Jim Kelly. The playoffs in 1992 were a superior experience for him. He was only ten games young in the team when he recorded a minor comeback in the history of NFL. He took the Bills to a 41-38 win against the Houston Oilers.
  • The Carolina Panthers
Frank played with the Bills until the end of his decade in 1994. After that, he signed a football contract with the Carolina Panthers. Well, all did not go as he had planned on the team. Following his victory with the Bills, he has anticipated joining the Panthers as the starting quarterback. However, he played as a rookie quarterback in the first three matches after joining the team. Kerry Collins quarterbacked the other 13 games.
  • The New York Jets
Frank joined the New York Jets in 1995. In the new team, he was still a backup quarterback, this time for Neil O'Donnell. As luck would have it for him, O'Donnell suffered some injuries that ended his season of the game. As the opportunity presented itself, he started seven games for the Jets. In the en route, he recorded high touchdowns and yards.
  • The Detroit Lions
Frank played with the Jets for one season. After it ended, he joined Detroit Lions and played with them for two years, 1997 and 1998. He played in 12 games for the team as a backup quarterback. After Detroit, Frank embarked on his coaching career in 2006. At first, he coached the Indianapolis Colts as an intern. As one would say, having great connections is always a significant option to heighten one's career. His relationship with Colts GM Bill Polian was the first bright step into his career as a head coach for the Colts. In the same season, the Colts came out victorious in the Super Bowl. He was with the Colts in 2006 and 2007, after which he was promoted in 2008. He took up the position of offensive staff assistant in coaching. In 2009, the new head coach Jim Caldwell helped him to the position of quarterbacks coach. After serving as the team's receiver coach in 2011, Reich's coaching career heightened with the Arizona Cardinals and the Sam Diego Chargers in 2012 and 2013, respectively. Reich's Family Frank's passion for the game dates back to his father, Michael Reich Jr. He was born in Freeport, New York City. Michael Jr sired Frank Sr., who was born in 1961, December. Frank's father played in the positions of center and linebacker. As soon as Frank was born, his family relocated to Lebanon, Pennsylvania. He grew up with his younger brother, Joe. Ever since he was little, he displayed his interest in sports. He loved playing football, basketball, and baseball, all of which were his father's favorite sports. Frank's Wife and Daughters Frank is married to Linda. They met in high school, where Frank played in the football team, and Linda was a cheerleader. At the time, Linda was in a relationship with Frank's best friend. Time went by, and Linda became single. She started dating Frank when she was in college. The two got married in 1986. Frank and Linda have three daughters- Lia Milan, Aviry, and Hannah. The three daughters were born in 1990, 1992, and 1996 respectively. Lia got married and became the marketing vice president at the Precision Hawk, Raleigh. Aviry got married to Brett Williams, while Hannah is a student at Indiana University. Pastor Frank to Head Coach Frank Reich They say that in life, one gets a good reason for seeking something more profound than the physical realm. In 1984, Frank suffered an injury that had him try something in-depth for spiritual nourishment. When he separated his shoulder, he quoted that he saw his life taking a different turn. Similarly, he recalls his life taking a different drain. Reich found his anchorage on God. He recalls how He rocked his world when he thought his career was over. Although the injury wasn't too bad to deny him a chance of playing again, he puts it that he needed to get to a place where he would fall on his knees before God. Additionally, he needed to confess to God about his passion for football and his zeal to get back into the game. When he finally healed, he recalled how getting back in the team wasn't easy. The player that was given his part was playing so well that they didn't want to have him back in the group. As Frank joined the NFL in 1985, his passion for having faith in Christ increased. Simply put, he realized that it is not hard to be a professional coach and serve the Lord at the same time. Other Facts About Frank
  • Frank is a motivational speaker. He references God as the main keynote of his successful career. Furthermore, he explains the significance of putting God first for any successful career. Reich also uses his victorious comebacks as a baseline of inspiring other football players.
  • Frank is also a co-founder of a business. Together with his friends, they founded a retail company in the 1990s.
  • The coach did not start playing immediately after he joined high school. He showed interest during the last two years of his time in the school.
  • The coach has his favorite Christian song that he uses as his inspiration. He credits the 'In Christ Alone' song written by Michael English.
  • Reich is also a member of the Premiere Speakers Bureau. In the group, he emphasizes two main topics - teamwork and communication.
Conclusion In a nutshell, Frank was a backup player who grew into a hero, an intern, and a pastor. He would do what it takes to ensure that he satisfied his zeal for his game. All the while, he was overlooked. He was passed over because no one believed in his talent back then. He craved and longed for the head coach position, but was patient enough to allow destiny to have its cause. Moreover, Frank understood the sense of toiling in the shadows until his day to be in the light came. He never knew when it would come, but he knew it would. Frank knew better than anyone to uphold hard work and discipline. In the end, the sweat of his effort shaped him into the sports figure that he is today. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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