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Issue of Homeless People in California - Research Paper Example

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Over the last three decades, the problem of homelessness has become severe in the region of California. In this regard, the purpose of the following study is to address such problem, giving a recommendation to the government on considering certain social policies…
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Issue of Homeless People in California
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Extract of sample "Issue of Homeless People in California"

Download file to see previous pages It is very important to keep in mind that there are categories in the homeless as well, the ones who have temporary shelters and the others who have nothing at all to reside in. According to a survey conducted by an organization called Housing California during the year, 2007-09 reported that more than 62% of the homeless people belonged to the latter category i.e. Having no shelter at all. It was also discovered that not all of the homeless people were not unemployed; the 42% of homeless people were employed. Also, the homeless people were mostly the older ones.
The homeless people need to be taken care of; it leads to having an impact on the overall social community and lifestyle of the people. Also, it tends to have an impact on the economy and the development of a certain state and a community in itself. In order to help the people who do not have shelter to protect themselves, it is very important to know the main causes that lead to this problem to a greater level. The process can go on with step by step sequence, where first a generalized research gets conducted in order to find out what are the reasons that lead to such problems.
Once the general reasons get identified, it becomes easier to locate those within the targeted areas. Furthermore, it makes you look at the overall picture and allows you to figure out what generates these issues. The survey of getting the exact number of people who are facing the problem is the next step. Before going on with the conducting of surveys, there should be a list made. This list should be formulated keeping in view the causes that you first spotted to check that which ones of those are acting in your target area.
This would not only provide you with the exact number of the people but also with the data that will tell you the most reoccurring problem or problems that need to be tackled instantly.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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