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Zero Carbon Development in the United Kingdom: Overall Carbon Emissions - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the views on the Government planned proposal that was aimed at reducing the current carbon footprint that was being released by the housing development projects. The consultation document was seen to explore the existing relationship between the Code for Sustainable Homes…
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Zero Carbon Development in the United Kingdom: Overall Carbon Emissions
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Extract of sample "Zero Carbon Development in the United Kingdom: Overall Carbon Emissions"

Download file to see previous pages The UK’s government of zero carbon is seen to strongly imply that all the energy that is used by a given development must be entirely generated either at the development scale or at the building. This approach is however not believed to be the most effective approach that can be used both in terms of the project’s sustainability and the overall effectiveness of the project. It can be seen that the technical possibilities and potential costs of on-site power generation have continued to largely remain uncertain and as such, any advances towards the attainment of zero carbon standards on a relatively small scale is predicted to prove uneconomical as a result of the access considerations and the cost. According to the view of some of the RIBA members, for a building site to be able to achieve full zero carbon and take into account the costs and access considerations, such a building site must have a development level that is host to over 250 social homes (Architecture 2013). In light of this, the UK government in association with various industry players set up the Zero Carbon Hub. This hub was mainly tasked with the responsibility of trying to deliver this very challenging target. Since its initial setup, the hub has been seen to be tirelessly working towards trying to formulate the most cost-effective and achievable method that can be used in the delivery of these carbon emission reduction targets. In light of this challenge, the zero carbon target has effectively been broken down into three distinct units. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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