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Various Groups of People Living Within the Community: Promoting Social Inclusion - Case Study Example

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The paper describes the community that occupies the central part of Florida comprises of a number of different groups, which include the Caucasians who are the mainstream group, Latino and Hispanics who are among the minority populations. The skin color and style of dressing is the same in the community…
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Various Groups of People Living Within the Community: Promoting Social Inclusion
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Extract of sample "Various Groups of People Living Within the Community: Promoting Social Inclusion"

Download file to see previous pages There are some people who are conscious of the fact that I am not American, but they continue to treat me fairly. I have never experienced any racial prejudice or mistreatment. People like me who are not distinct from the mainstream group of community members are treated equally as any other member of the community. However, there are some members of the community who are highly sensitive to the existing differences, and they always tend to note any characteristics that are different from the mainstream group. For example, there are people who are usually too quick to note the use of any other language apart from English. Any time when a person like me speaks in Portuguese in the presence of the mainstream group, some of the community members will always comment that if he/she is a visitor in the community. A few tend to question why such a person is staying in Florida instead of going back to his/her community. However, these are comments that are usually made by a small population of the community members. Many of the people appreciate diversity. This is an indication of the fact that all members of a community can not think and take things in the same way. Some differences may arise, whereby some of the community members fail to behave like everybody else. The organization in which I work appreciates diversity, which makes me contented and enthusiastic about my work. We share a lot and educate each other since we have different talents and capabilities. The work manuals focus on maintenance of workplace diversity, and each worker in the organization appreciates the teamwork as well as the manner in which the organization treats people from diverse cultures and racial backgrounds. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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