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Trends in Contemporary Society - Personal Statement Example

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This paper highlights that from high school, you reckon that a student will be regarded as still requiring some more training so as to fit in the university environment which presumably requires particular skills for one to complete his/her degree programme. …
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Trends in Contemporary Society
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Extract of sample "Trends in Contemporary Society"

Download file to see previous pages When I arrived at the university, I had communication skills which would enable my self-expression at whatever level at the university. In high school, I had a network of friends which sharpened my communication skills. Therefore, by the time I was joining the university, my communication skills were already polished and if anything, they only required minimal enhancement. When I talk of communication skills I refer to the entirety of communication as it may be. Both listening and speaking. As mentioned earlier, I am a good speaker and can express myself easily without much problem or appearing to be trying. Similarly, communication is about listening too. I am an ardent listener and pay particular attention to intent and content and these both enable me to understand both the spoken and unspoken word. This kind of understanding has since enabled me to understand each particular personality that comes my way and thus explaining the numerous friends that I possess and have been able to keep.
At entry, I had particular expertise in the spoken word and the written word required much polishing. At the high school, much of the assessments we did, did not require much of academic writing except for the basic essays in the scientific and social subjects. As I entered university, I reckoned that much of my academic writing skills or just say all my writing skills required much enhancement and improvement. At university, I learned that besides the essays we wrote at high school, there were theses, research papers, desertions, book reviews, etc. To be precise, all kinds of writing are practiced throughout the four years or more one spends at the university. It is for this reason that I decided to polish my writing skills.
Time management skills were yet something that required much commitment. Inasmuch as my time management skills prior to entry at the university were commendable, commendable alone was not enough. Time management was something that a university student would not avoid. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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