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Community Policing Over The Last 25 Years - Essay Example

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This research paper describes community policing over the last 25 years. It outlines the idea of creating them, relations with police officers, and the development of community policing. …
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Community Policing Over The Last 25 Years
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Extract of sample "Community Policing Over The Last 25 Years"

Download file to see previous pages Meaning that citizens have the same officers to see often. By having the same officers all time gives them an identity to the citizens. A police officer is no longer just a badge number, instead, he is the person you see standing outside the McDonalds or the guy you talk to while on your walk through the park. Officers become friends to the people. This trust that is built can be very useful to an officer when he has questions about a crime. Currently, after 1990 cops don't have the best reputation in many communities, in fact, they are often seen as the enemy. This is probably because the only time a person would encounter a police officer is when the cops believe they've done something wrong. If a person is finding himself in situations where he is able to socially interact with a friendly officer his opinion will slowly shift. This same idea applies to the cops as well. Many police officers only see the worst of our society. As a result, they begin to build very cynical feelings toward the community. By putting the officers in a situation where they encounter many different people while on patrol many of which do not have bad intentions they develop a broader and more accurate sense of the community.
Another benefit to community policing is the idea that if a police officer becomes familiar with a specific area he will be more likely to be able to identify areas and issues of concern for the community. If people are constantly complaining to him about a graffiti problem he makes it a point to look out for that. The people will also be more likely to complain to an officer they know and trust rather than some cop who seems to have "more important" things to do.
Seeing the same officers over and over also gives the public an increased feeling of security. They begin to feel they have someone specific to turn to when a crime goes wrong. Officers and the public will begin to take more pride in their community. The police work with neighborhood watch programs and D.A.R.E. programs.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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