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Emotional intelligece - Research Paper Example

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The purpose of this paper is to describe the importance of the emotional intelligence since is crucial in our day to day activities. In any organization or group, emotional intelligence leads to peaceful co-existence between and among the involved parties…
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Emotional intelligece
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Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence refers to one’s ability to manage and understand their emotions in a positive way in order to relieve stress and communicate effectively with other people, reduce problems and overcome challenges that one face in life. Emotional Intelligence impacts our daily lives in different ways and cannot be avoided (Codier, Muneno, Franey, & Matsuura, 2010). For example, it impacts on the way a person behaves as they interact with different types of people and environment as well. A person with high emotional intelligence is able to understand their emotional state of mind as well that of others and therefore draws the attention of others. Such people have health relation with other people and they achieve much success in their endeavors as compared to people of low emotional intelligence.
For a person to enhance their emotional intelligence they need to be aware of their own emotions and the way these emotions affect their lives, know their strong and weak points and also have personal confidence. Similarly, emotional intelligence is enhanced through self management, that is, one is able to control their feelings due to a change in circumstances (Emmerling & Boyatzis, 2012). Also, social awareness contributes to emotional intelligence whereby one is able to fit in any organization and make others feel comfortable in one’s presence. Lastly, the way one relate and influences others, solve conflicts, maintain healthy relations with colleagues and communicate with them is an attribute of emotional intelligence emotional intelligence is important in a person life in that it affects different aspects of a person’s life. It affects one’s physical health and mental health, relationships as well as their work performance.
In order to attain high level of emotional intelligence, one is required to firstly, recognize their emotions. Managing one’s emotions help in avoiding conflicts and embarrassing other people. For example, when a person says something wrong in a meeting, you only need to correct them after the meeting, but not when the meeting is on session. Secondly, one needs to manage their emotions. This helps you communicate effectively with colleagues in a clear manner without creating any misunderstanding. Thirdly, you need to recognize other people emotions. This way, you are able to avoid any conflicts that could have occurred and it helps in maintaining personal and group peace. Lastly, one needs to effectively respond to others emotions (Groves & Vance, 2009). By doing so, you make other experience a sense of belonging in any company. Also, in order to improve emotional intelligence, one needs to be empathetic, have self-regulation, motivate others and be aware of himself or herself.
Working with leaders of different emotional intelligence from that of his or her employees would be a challenge (Horton‐Deutsch & Sherwood, 2008). However, this is achievable through acquiring skills that will improve the relationship. Such skills include understanding and observing the way they react to other people, understanding their environment, performing personal evaluation, cross examining the way they react to stressing conditions, being responsible of their actions and understanding the way their actions affect others.
In conclusion, emotional intelligence is crucial in our day to day activities. In any organization or group, emotional intelligence leads to peaceful co-existence between and among the involved parties. Leaders relate well with their employees due to emotional intelligence and conflicts are easily avoided. Similarly, communication becomes possible and effective due to emotional intelligence.
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