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Margaret Thatcher - Essay Example

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The following essay is focused on the description of an outstanding personality of the 20th century - Margaret Thatcher. It is stated here that Margaret Thatcher became the first female British prime minister in 1979 and ruled the British political arena for more than 20 years…
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Margaret Thatcher
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Download file to see previous pages One of the unique strengths of MargaretThatcher was that she was able to counter male chauvinism and sexism that was present in the British system. The British society perceived that women belonged at home and that important matters of leadership belonged to men. It is evident that she defied all the rules and norms to vie for various political positions from her days at Oxford University.
According to Aitken, Thatcher maneuvered through a wave of gender discrimination which emanated from all directions. She was even crucified by members of her own party. A minister in her government was heard referring to her as ‘that bloody woman’, implying that she was not a favorite in the political scene.
Margaret Thatcher, she was bound by strong values from her childhood. History affirms that she was born in a Christian family that had special rules and norms. This implies that she valued accountability and transparency in her daily activities. Her attitude towards service to the populace was unprecedented as she advocated for massive economic renovations through an all-inclusive process. This was done due to the need to be a servant to the people.
Another notable strength is that she believed in change and abolition of status quo. This point asserts that the British society regarded women as weak and could ensure that the situation remains intact. However, Thatcher was poised to pose a challenge to the setup and bring in a new way of thinking about the people. This was manifested by the way she handled issues head on as the leader of the government.
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Margaret Thatcher Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 1.
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