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Strolling along the Narrow Paths into the Deep Forest - Essay Example

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The reporter states that the forest makes him a feel as if he is running away from hardships in life to a place where there is tranquility. Whenever he gets to visit this place, his heart is filled with for joy, though his feet feel so itchy to trek those tricky trails…
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Strolling along the Narrow Paths into the Deep Forest
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Extract of sample "Strolling along the Narrow Paths into the Deep Forest"

Assignment 2: Final Draft Narrative Essay
Strolling along the narrow paths into the deep forest gives me unimaginable joy. In fact, this place makes me a feel as if I am running away from hardships in life to a place where there is tranquility. Whenever I get to visit this place, my heart is filled with for joy, though my feet feel so itchy to trek those tricky trails. It is certainly a marvel seeing trees with some of their branches bending down to kiss the ground, which is filled with beautiful, colorful flowers, minuscule creatures and sturdy wild grasses. The fresh breeze that the forest exhales caresses my face with such a velvety touch. A soft waft of air tickles the leaves above creating a flip-flopping light underground – something romantically perfect for couples.
Going to the forest is one of the best voyages in life to take. God indeed loves humanity as it manifests through perfect beauty of the nature surrounding us. I can remember one sunny and blissful morning when I decided to take a trip into an outskirt nearby. Half a kilometer away, I could tell that a one blissful reunion would take place later that day. Because I am a forest addict, I had the cheek to go there all by myself. Just like what most forest goers encounter, I had my share of stern tests. Before getting to the heart of the timberland, I knew that I had to go through tough challenges. Nevertheless, these challenges would not tarnish attitude towards this place since the way I feel while am at this place outweighs the few challenges I have to encounter. Therefore, no matter how many challenges I would encounter, it enhances my confidence and attitude towards the place; thus, giving me a good reason why I will always consider it the best place I can be in the world.
Finally, I arrived at the doorstep of the jungle, and the first thing I saw was a cohort of vibrant buds bowing their heads down to welcome me, and although quite silly, I felt, as I was treated royalty. As I hovered above my head, I could see the wild vines meshing up with each other to form a lovely wild curtain; I could also hear the birds chirping tones in mirth. It gave the impression as if they were chanting out in harmony to serenade me. I stared down and saw my leather booths muddled up with some thick mud clinging around them, but I knew the sludge were not going to stay there for long as the spiky fingers of the rye were ready to wipe them out. When I finally took several steps inward, it seemed as time has travelled so fast that day. In fact, the surroundings turned rather gloomy, although everything was still in sight. This reminded me that and that I would finally leave and get back to the normal life. However, I was yet to get to the best part of the journey, which makes it worth the time spent at this place.
I could hear different sounds such as the blabbing voice of the river, the squeaky and tiny sounds of the squirrels, the sound of the clapping leaves as they were swayed against each other by the wild winds, and some mysterious noises that blended together to create perfect music. In fact, this was something that could not be produced even by the most brilliant record producers, composers or singers. However, it was not a walk-in-the-park trail; I also had some of the tensest feelings I have ever felt in my life. Who does not get scared by snake, scorpions or tarantulas? I had met them on my way to the best part. The path was not as cemented as well, and boulders were scattered and all over, unfortunately, the track passes into the middle of those boulders. Pointed rocks joined the grimed soil after the long rain. The only thing I could do then was to stare at my leather booths battling against the shakiness of the ground. My feet were sore and not long after, loud chattering sounds of falling water I heard, and a little window of light could be seen from afar! At last, I finally reached the heart of the forest. The breeze was so fresh while trees appeared so grandiose, and waterfalls were clear. Everything was so perfect, and was worth the travel; hence, only by then I have finally concluded for myself that the best things in life are free. Read More
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