Domestic Violence Against Women - Research Paper Example

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This research paper talks about domestic violence against women, the most well-known reasons of it and its outcomes. The author has paid special attention to the issue of HIV and AIDS as consequence of violence and provide statistical data about this issue…
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Domestic Violence Against Women
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Extract of sample "Domestic Violence Against Women"

Download file to see previous pages This paper talks about women and children that are in great danger of abuse in the societies where they should obtain maximum protection. The persons expected to bring up the members of the family and provide the necessary care and protection are becoming bully and source of threat to other member’s life. The victims are unable to make their own decisions or voice their opinions because of fear for further consequence. They don’t receive their human rights and their lives are stolen by the ever-present threat and violence.
The society needs to address a number of issues that concern the prevention of abuse of females and spread of AIDS among the same. Promoting and protecting the rights of the women in the various aspects of life such as education, employment opportunities, and balancing of power in relationship can reduce violence upon women. Promoting the rights of women enhances their status in the society and protects them from violence. Transforming gender roles can also be an effective method of protecting persons against violence and AIDS prevalence. The society should change the perception where the women should be innocent and submissive when it comes to sexual matters. Challenging harmful gender roles can prevent the spread of HIV and violence against the females. Another effective method of reducing the rates of violence among the female gender is through increasing education and awareness among all society members. Educating a girl child makes her aware of his rights, thus she is less vulnerable to getting exposure to violence and abuse.

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Domestic Violence Against Women Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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