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This paper will create a people, place, and environment portfolio. The portfolio will include eight images on people having fun at the beach in a relaxed environment. It will conclusively establish relationships of the beach entertainment to people, place, and environment…
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Entertainment At The Beach
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Entertainment At The Beach Relaxation, fun and enteretainment are the most sought methods of spending holidays or weekend outings. Beach entertainment is very significant in according citizens and tourists an avenue of spenging some leisure time. The beach entertainmennt will include swimming, basking under the sun, relaxational walks, playing games,site seeing, soft drinks, light foods, passsionate talks and music concerts. The beach is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of the children, teens and adults. Married couples would also spend their honeymoon at the beach. Fiances, couples, friends, dating partners,families can enjoy some quality time at the beach. The best time to visit the beach is during summer.
At this time, it is possible to view the sea and the coast line with ease, ride motor boats, swim at comfort, enjoy the scorching sun and the warm weather while laying on the beach, boardwalk and talk confortably, listen and dance to the music. People will travel from far to have some quality time at the reknowed beaches all over the world. Beach of Zrce Novalja is one of the best and highly visited beaches. Others are in Miami, Florida, Barcelona, Mombasa,Sychelles and Australia. Beach entertainment also offers accomondation facilities. There are restaurants along the beachs that guarantee enjoyable resting time even as you enjoy the view of the sea. Service at the restaurants and along the beach is at the best level and ensures maximun comfort. A subsciption fee is required to participate in the beach entertainment zones. This fee varies from one place to another depending on the value of the environment. This paper will create a people, place, and environment portfolio. The portfolio will include eight images on people having fun at the beach in a relaxed environment. It will conclusively establish relationships of the beach entertainment to people, place, and environment.

Statement of Relationship
There is a direct relationship between the place, environment, and the people in these images. The major content of these images is entertainment, whose delivery diverse. Children are swimming and playing games on the beach. The Swimming takes place at the swimming pools and the in the sea. This happens in a relaxed and entertainment environment where other people are also having fun. Friends who are seemingly close allies are listening to music, dancing to the songs, playing games and relaxing in a jolly mood. This happens in the coastline where everybody is happy. Different music bands are playing entertaining music to all the beach goers. The beach goers are similarly enjoying the music. Couples are viewing the sea at the comfort of their hostels.
The scenery is awesome. Different families, individuals, and friends are basking under the sun as they take a view of the sea and coastline. They seem to be enjoying the scenery and beautiful the environment. In all the images, a beautiful warm weather is dominant. It must be summer time as people done light clothes as they enjoy themselves in one way or another. Such people and scenery can only happen at the beach. The beautiful environment is significant in providing fun and relaxation to the people at the beach. In conclusion, I find that the beach, the people therein, and the beautiful environment define beach entertainment. The images herein justify the presence of fun, entertainment, and relaxation at the beach. There are direct relationships between the beach, people at the beach and the beautiful environment manifested at the beach.
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