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Bill Gates and George W Bush - Essay Example

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 This essay discusses specifically a business leader (Bill Gates) and a political leader (George W Bush). These two leaders are compared and contrasted with each other and their strengths and grey areas are explained in a very explicit fashion. …
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Bill Gates and George W Bush
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Extract of sample "Bill Gates and George W Bush"

Download file to see previous pages   Bill Gates, the Chairman of Microsoft, has built his reputation as a business leader of repute and extraordinary class and finesse (Gates, 1996). He inaugurated Microsoft with Paul Allen. Bill Gates held different positions within the company itself. He was the CEO as well as the Chief Software Architect until some time back and later on he left Microsoft in order to do some work within the philanthropic fields. Bill Gates undoubtedly remains as one of the biggest shareholders in the company. His share in the common stock stands at more than 8 percent.
Microsoft is a world-renowned software giant which has made it big due to Bill Gates’ commitment towards his very own company. It has annual sales of more than $41 Billion, which speaks for its true prowess. The company has more than 65,000 employees on board in around 100 nations of the world. The company operates for the purposes of licensing, development, support and manufacture of computer equipment and technology and makes use of a number of different software products. Bill Gates has been instrumental in creating the much-needed difference within the reigns of Microsoft. Because of this very fact, the company has made it huge within the business world (Fridson, 2001). His practices and work domains have been openly discussed, analyzed and applied upon in other business regimes as well. He is taken as a true visionary leader within the different business processes and undertakings. True to his potential, Bill Gates has been consistently producing results for this software giant and he now leaves behind a legacy which can perform upon his vision and working commitment for a long period of time in the future. He has set the platform for the company to move forward – day after day (Wallace, 1993).
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Bill Gates and George W Bush Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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