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People Classification - Essay Example

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An author of this paper seeks to discuss the problem of natural classification of people in contemporary society, though he claims that every person is different. Furthermore, the writer will describe the issue of achieving success and how it relates from classification…
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People Classification
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Download file to see previous pages Over the years that I served in the army, I have learnt that a single soldier may shine out as the star of the play, but the true success of the Unit always is a consequence of the team that works together. It not only includes the other comrades, but all those people who remain behind the scenes, in a supportive role. This has made me realize, that one should never qualify success on the face of how things seem. The tip of the iceberg can never truly explain what the entire emblem stands for. Nothing is skin deep, not even skin itself! There is a lot more struggle and undertaking that goes into achieving a task that is otherwise visible. And I feel that it is in making all this effort that the secret of life lies. Success is not attained by achieving something, but by treading the path. For instance, in war, the victorious army has seemingly successful soldiers celebrating what they have achieved. But what about their friends who died in the struggle, to make sure their comrades would achieve the same? The answer is very simple; they are in effect more successful than those who survived, because they believed in something so much, that they were willing to give away their lives for the cause. And that is the true measure of success. The fact is, that when one defines a path for oneself, then merely walking that path is an assurance of success.  Rationalistically, nobody can achieve everything. Further, the natural shortfalls in our lives, including financial, physical and emotional emergencies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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People Classification Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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