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In doing this, he outlines some of the common film genres thus investigating the unique features of each genre that helps distinguish the numerous genres. He…
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Film Genres Short Essay
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"Film Genres Short"

Download file to see previous pages In doing this, the film critic therefore outlines specific features that influence the classification of films since they contribute to the uniqueness of each genre.
Among the film genres are comedy, thriller, epic and horror among many others. The film critic contends that people may classify films differently thus validating the existence of numerous genres. Despite the relativity of the classification system, the author further outlines numerous markers of a genre thus helping in the identification and classification of films in the industry. Key among the factors he presents is that “genres have clear stable identities and border”. Such is a fundamental explanation that film developers and critics consider in order to understand both the industry and the specific films. Every film genre is unique to the thematic issues represented and the tools used by the developers in representing the themes (Schatz, 2003). Altman therefore alludes to the features of film to develop the boundaries and identities of every film. This enhances the classification of films thus the consumption of such vital media products.
In classifying films, the critic therefore explains that people must investigate the generic blueprint of films this implies that each film genre has specific attribute, which he explains as the boundaries and clear stable identities. Every film must therefore portrays the features attributed to every film (Tudor, 2006). This enhances the consumption of films thus the growth of the industry. Finally, the critic refers to the audience as the most influential party in the consumption of film. He therefore explains that the audience must identify and recognize that the film belongs to a specific genre. Audiences develop their preferences depending on the thematic issues that every film addresses and the genre among others. This makes the film classification in genres important in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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