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Ergonomics - Research Proposal Example

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Ergonomics is a human centric approach towards the designing and arrangement of workplace environment and infrastructure (Sanders 2003). A proper understanding and application of the fundamental principles of ergonomics in the designing of workplace environment curtails to a great extent any possibility of fatigue and musculoskeletal and visual discomforts (Sanders 2003)…
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Extract of sample "Ergonomics"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, a reasonable application of the principles of ergonomics diminishes the disorders and injuries caused due to repetitive motion, faulty posture and an over use of body muscles. This can be achieved by taking into consideration the physical abilities and concerns of the employees while fabricating various attributes of the workplace environment like tasks, hardware, space, lighting, controls, storage space, etc (MacLeod 2006). The primary concern of ergonomics is to optimally enhance the element of comfort at workplace so as to make way for maximum efficiency. Thus the human-machine interface at work should be so arranged so as to extend the desirable physical and mental comfort to the employees. This definitely enhances the efficiency and productivity at work by making the scheduled and general tasks relatively easier and facile. Therefore, ergonomics can play a positive role in bettering the scope of human resources in any institution and organization (Helander 2005).
Though the advent of digital gadgets like the computers, fax machines, telephones, scanners, photocopiers, etc has added a measure of speed and accuracy to the work culture, such devices certainly have physical and mental issues associated with them. ...
ning and faulty usage of digital gadgets could lead to a counterproductive compromising of the comfort associated with the back, shoulder, neck and wrist movements, which is so cardinal to the overall health and productivity of the employees (Wogalter 2006). In order to enable the individual employees to find out their desirable comfort zone, it is imperative for the digital hardware installed in the office to comply with ergonomic principles. In fact the manufacturers now days are trying their best to come out with the customized lines of ergonomic digital gadgets. Besides there is a growing awareness amongst the employers regarding the benefits of hardware ergonomics (Stein et al 2006). A more then average initiative is being taken by the manufacturers and the organizations to incorporate the elements of cutting-edge ergonomics at work to reduce stress, to stimulate productivity and to diminish employee absenteeism. Introducing ergonomics in the designing of office furniture and digital gadgets like offering adjustable chairs with lumbar support, right sized desks, adjustable keyboards, trackballs, good lighting, low glare monitors can do wonders for the work environment in an office (Alexander 2006).
The purpose of this report is to redesign a workplace for two employees (124cmx75cm), in coherence with the principles of ergonomics (Picture 1). The office under consideration is equipped with an array of digital gadgets and furniture like computers, printer, coffee maker, cupboards, desks, chairs, which are not placed in compliance with the employee comfort. There is no denying the fact that digital gadgets though being efficiency multipliers have physical and mental issues associated with them, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Ergonomics Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Ergonomics Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Ergonomics Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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... and problems will be discussed followed by the research methodology for finding solutions. This will be followed by the solutions and an accompanying conclusion. Background Ergonomics can be broadly classified into three major distinctions: 1. Physical Ergonomics: related to human’s anatomical, biomechanical, physiological and some anthropometric activities. 2. Cognitive Ergonomics: related to mental processing in human beings. 3. Organizational Ergonomics: related to optimizing social and technical systems along with organizational structure, processes and policies. This research focuses solely on physical ergonomics in general and on physiological and anatomical issues in particular. The ergonomic problem under focus is carpal tunnel...
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...” with regards to the function of equipment, the design thereof, and facilitating cognitive abilities in the user. Rather than allowing the name itself, ergonomics, to serve as a stumbling block with regards to an understanding for what the specific realm of analysis is intended upon expecting, it should be understood that ergonomics in and of itself is effectively defined as “human factors”. As such, these human factors, engaged a level of importance with respect to the design, implementation, and use of material that facilitates the workflow or comfort of an individual. Such a broad level of focus invariably lends this particular field to incorporate a great many factors and engage with the previously denoted fields of study in a variety...
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Human Factors and Ergonomics

...and productive. How does this work overall? “The overall goal of ergonomic analysis is to provide information that will facilitate the development of an environment that enhances both human performance and well-being” (Burke, 3). This information can be as simple as the right computer chair or as complex as an airplane cockpit control. When advanced machines came during the Industrial Revolution, the need to place a human factor into the work place became necessary. This is the information that ergonomics provide for employees and companies. Ergonomics is used in almost every business. Safety measures for business are driven by ergonomics. One example is the...
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..., involving subjective and objective methods. Findings from these methods have then been simulated and analysed separately. Specific strategies and practices have been proposed to address the identified gaps, keeping human psychological and motivational requirements. The research also establishes relationship between ergonomics-related occupational health and organisational performance. Ergonomics Introduction Occupational health through appropriate ergonomics of workplace has been recognized as one of the fundamentals requirement to achieve organisational efficiency in the long term. It impacts the psychosocial characteristics of workplace and to some extent determines...
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Ergonomics in the Workplace

... into a race where every other individual is running after success and promotions. However, in midst of such competition, individuals at the workplace are becoming the major victims in terms of their health, psychology, and personality due to a number of different issues that is causing an adverse impact on the individuals at the workplace (Hartvigsen & Lings, e2, 2004). Discussion In response, experts (HSE, 2007) have introduced a new branch of science, Ergonomics that facilitates employers in the creation and provision of safe and healthy workplace environment for the individuals and employees at the workplace. Although Ergonomics focuses primarily on the workplace setting that is the fundamental risk factor in affecting individuals...
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... of ergonomics is very vast and it ranges from health hazards to working hours in a day to sitting posture to illumination in the room to hardware handling. Hence ergonomics covers all aspects of a daily routine activity in the working field. Their use and application cannot be undermined in any industry; however, they are of large importance in sectors where stress and direct contact with machines, and equipment is involved. The workers operating over the welding activity are directly exposed to threat in form of fire; proper prevention must be taken into account in such fields. Cumulative Trauma Disorder is one of the many issues being faced due to improper working condition and stress being exerted on a particular part of the human body...
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... to use by humans. Ergonometric designs are normally necessary for the prevention of strain injuries that are always a problem in people who operate machines and equipment for long periods of time. This research therefore seeks to find out the extent to which ergonomics is applied in the conventional workplace. Literature Review Ergonomics is basically concerned with the interaction between the users of the equipment, the environment and the equipment used (Rosskam, 2009). In the process, it takes into account the aspects of capabilities of people coupled with their various limitations in the process of using machines to operate in the environments. In order to determine the interaction between the human beings and a particular technology...
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...), in the article entitled “Creating a Healthy Workstation Environment: Workstation Ergonomics Made Easy”, the optimum distance between the user’s eyes and the visual display by operators in seating position is 600 mm (Department of Energy (DOE), 2008, p. 7). Likewise, it was noted that special computer glasses that would assist in preventing eye fatigue and vision problems for long hours of monitoring visual displays shall be considered. Lighting Standards It has been emphasized that the effectiveness of performance on undertaking monitoring of visual displays is affected by lighting. In this situation, it was stipulated that the operator does the monitoring in a dark room. According to ergonomic...
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...Material Handling Devises Ergonomics Conveyors Conveyors are used in our company to move bottles and crates from one point to another within the mineral water bottling plant. The chain conveyors are made of rollers, chains, motors and bearings mainly, and are driven by electrical power. The conveyor belts are controlled by different people, using switches, to feed materials such as bottles into process machines from various sources, like washing machines. The conveyors are utilized by the company since they are greatly effective in moving the bottles between two fixed points at variable speeds (Raouf, 1995). The conveyors also can move the bottles over fixed distances. While the initial costs of installing the conveyor systems are high...
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...with the equipment that is hazardous can be properly handled through the principles of ergonomics. Ergonomics provides proper guidelines in the form of tools and techniques along with procedures which not only ensure safety, but productivity and satisfaction. NIOSH is an acronym for National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The Institute provides guidelines for safe working procedures in various disciplines, especially those fields where the use of physical exercise is directly involved. The incumbent organization provides necessary awareness about the kind of material to be used and it also identifies the material which might not add any value to the processes and human safety while...
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...of work in ergonomics not only engages the body mind and physiological aspects of a person, it also develops such aspects. Repeated coordinated activity for example improves on the person’s ability to carry out more than one task at the same time. It increases the productivity of that person and quality of labor input in creating the final product. The process improves on the person’s ability to judge since he/she has been involved in a testing procedure. For example Maria tests the lock and keys she has assembled for consistency. Work procedure requires that the tasks involved be well organized from the initial steps. Plans and schedules are incorporated in the work process to provide smooth transitivity. In the...
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...Ergonomics One of the changes that can be made to the soldering tool is to incorporate a changeable tip. Tips come in different sizes and shapes to fit the work being done This would make it possible for the user to use the tip that suits the different services that they may be working on and as such they are able to view the working surface. A temperature control gadget should also be incorporated into the design and this would reduce the number of injuries experienced by the users. An ESD protection should also be incorporated which is quite cheap and makes the machine user friendly. The device should have different wattage rating. This helps in setting the right temperature depending on the magnitude of the work...
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Human Factors and Ergonomics

... the way he or she wants besides a clearing that allows one to hold a baby in his or her lap. iv. Well-spaced steps meant to step on while boarding a vehicle Steps or paddles meant to step on are in appropriate and considerable heights for every normal person to climb and get into the vehicle with ease. v. Front, rear and side screens are in correct height or levels People in the car who include driver do not have to strain their necks while trying to see what is outside or for the latter to have clear view of the road when one is driving. Work Cited “Ergonomics Principles for Reducing Awkward Postures.” Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. n.d. Web. 5Th February 2014. Ergonomics/AwkwardPostures/ReducingAwk wardPostures.pdf>...
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Musculoskeletal, nervous, respiratory, and circulatory systems in ergonomics

...s risk of injury. According to Sherwood (2011), carcinogens are risk factors for injury. References Harris, J., & Thomas M. (2010). Principles of neural science. New York: McGraw-Hill. Kahn, C., & Line. S. (2008). Musculoskeletal system Introduction: Introduction, New Jersey: Merck & Co., Inc. Pheasant, S., & Haslegrave, C. M. (2011). Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics and the Design of Work. New York: CRC Press. Sanes, D. H., Reh, T. H., & Harris, W. A. (2011). Development of the nervous system. London: Elsevier Academic Press. Schuenke, M., Schulte, E., & Schumacher, U. (2012). General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System. Stuttgart: Thieme Verlag. Sherwood, L. (2011). Human physiology: From cells to systems, New York: Cengage...
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Ergonomics in the Arrangement of Educational and Gaming Space

...Computer User.........17 5. Teaching Adolescents the Value of Ergonomics and Correct Posture...........22 DISCUSSION...............................................................................................................24 CONCLUSION............................................................................................................25 WORKS CITED..........................................................................................................27 INTRODUCTION TO THE CONTEXT OF THE STUDY The educational system today has increasing dependence on...
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Ergonomics in the Health Aspects of Working Environment

...environment is how to increase efficiencies and reduce negative aspects of the work site, this has gained great importance in recent years. The aspect of ergonomics has been a very absorbing and interesting element to my mind, since we all wish to increase our efficiencies and render more output to the organizations we serve. If there is a science that could correctly pinpoint the many deficient areas in our work approach, like approach to work, lighting, seating arrangement, posture, areas of negative mental focus and concentration due to physical factors, these could be remedied and our work output could be greatly increased. The idea of science of ergonomic training and development needs,...
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Developmwnt of Ergonomics

...en workers and supervisors about the working hours, wages etc. This will create disruption in the work and put off workers’ mind towards things that will create stress and in short it will be a disturbance to work. (Lazarus, 1999; Lazarus & Folkman, 1984) An employment relation service in the Britain, ACAS (2007) have indicated that, despite the important role of ergonomics, a huge number of individuals confront various challenges at times of conflicts such as when they find that the decisions taken by the top management are against their personal value or change in their workplace environment against their wishes can range from physical and social to psychological and emotional adverse impacts (Hartvigsen & Lings, 2004). This...
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Implementation of Ergonomics for Small Business

...ntroduced in years (Andrew& Kin, 2006). Small businesses are most (likely) hurt the worst by such injuries: they are as likely to occur in little offices as massive ones; however, smaller corporations are less ready to incur the cost of health care, temporary replacement of employees, workers' compensation, and worker grooming (not to say lost business). At an equivalent time, these businesses also are less equipped to implement OSHA's needed policies. Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting tools and jobs to employees and of preventing injuries caused by repetitive motion, awkward posture, force, or vibration. As Occupational Safety and Health Administration developed its laws, business interests were against safety...
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