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Survey Results and Scores - Research Proposal Example

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The survey instrument had 12 Questions that were based on the Gallup Template used to measure employee satisfaction. Please refer to Appendix: Table 1. Survey Results and Scores, for full details of the score. The 12 questions have been analyzed in detail and graphical analysis of the responses has been shown below
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Survey Results and Scores
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Extract of sample "Survey Results and Scores"

Download file to see previous pages According to Coffman (2000), organizations need to have clear definitions of the work expectations from the employees. The author argues that while the explicit tasks are clearly spelled out, the implicit tasks must also be defined clearly. If these functions and tasks are not defined clearly, then it leads to a de-motivating gap between expectancy and performance. So while the employee feels that the work done has been as required, the manager or supervisor may have expected something more and this leads to statements such as 'I expected you to this also and not wait for my request". This is a somewhat favorable response to have gotten.
The next question got a rating of 3.7 and the result can be interpreted on the lower level of Agree. Daly (1985) has emphasized the importance of having the right materials, at the right time and with the right people. The researcher had conducted extensive reviews about the productivity norms between German and British manufacturing firms and the conclusion was that the German industries were far ahead in productivity than the British forms. The main reason was that the proper tools and materials were provided to the workers on time and this lead to optimum use of the workforce. The same logic can be used for RBN and the rather lower score suggests that improvement needs to be done with regards to the availability of software tools and testing systems.
The third question received a low score of 2.9 and the score is interpreted as Somewhat Agree. Singh (1994) has argued that fresh recruits, typically who are fresh out of college or who have put in a couple of years of service come with preconceived notions of a high profile challenging work and they come with a mission to change the world. When such recruits are faced with a rather sedate and regular works that may not involve very high level of work, the recruits face a type of disillusionment, which gradually builds into resentment. They feel that they are capable of doing a much higher level of work. After some interval of time of the new joiners do not see any change in their work content, they tend to look for other openings. While organizations cannot change their work processes to suit the likes of their employees, they need to bring in measures such as job rotation that will offer some kind of a change in the lives of the employees.
The fourth question got a pretty low score, and that is not to be taken as a good sign for the company. It has been given a low score of 2.9 and the score is interpreted as Somewhat Agree. The low score shows that there is discontent over what the employees feel about rewards and recognition. Bishop (1987) has given details about a survey in which 150 HR employees ranging from executives to hourly employees from some of the nation's 1,000 largest companies were surveyed to understand how the employees rate the work satisfaction. In the survey, 47 percent said that recognition and praise were very important for job satisfaction. Next came promotions that ranked 26 percent and then came perks at 7 percent. The author concludes that employees are most worried about recognition from the managers and praise for a job well done. There is some dispute about the concept of a job well done and employees may raise complaints about the partisan attitude of managers when it comes to recognizing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Survey Results and Scores Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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