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to his career path. And with the wide scope of benefits offered by foreign employers abroad for nurses. Many would intend to go to school with the hope of brighter future for their families, thus increasing the number of students per year resulting to increase number of schools offering courses to answer the demand of nurses globally.
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Motivational Needs
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Levels of Motivational Needs Among Young Adult Latinos Many would say that quality of life could motivate a person to do the best in relation
to his career path. And with the wide scope of benefits offered by foreign employers abroad for nurses. Many would intend to go to school with the hope of brighter future for their families, thus increasing the number of students per year resulting to increase number of schools offering courses to answer the demand of nurses globally.
The most professional behavior is to recognize that all behavior is motivated by a need. The nurses responsibility is to identify the unmet need and attempt to meet it in an acceptable manner. The physiologic needs are basically the needs of the human body that must be satisfied in order to sustain life. This includes food, sleep, water, exercise, clothing shelter and so forth (Iigo, 2000).
Coon (2000) stated the three major categories of motives. Primary motives- which are based on biological needs that must be met for survival. The most important primary motives are hunger, thirst, pain avoidance, and needs for air, sleep, elimination of wastes, and regulation of body temperature.
Safety and Security Needs. Jaranay also emphasized that the absence of opportunities in the country and the offer of attractive compensation abroad is a temptation that young labors cannot refuse.
Love and Belongingness Needs. When the individual has minimum satisfaction of his survival and security needs, belongingness needs become important to him. The need for love, acceptance and approval by others - his family, friends those with whom he works (Cawaon, 1999).
Cognitive Needs. We live in a decade where the source of power is information and education. Never in the lifetime of man has learning resources exploded and expanded to a phenomenal degree as today. Knowledge is everywhere and technology is facilitating our means of getting to it and using it (Puangco, 2005). Bandala et al. (1996) students motivation in general is high although students achievement motivation had a higher degree of motivation than the other areas. This suggests that students are continually striving, changing and trying to achieve their goals in life.
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