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Influence of physical attractiveness and personality on relationship formation - Essay Example

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People would say that attractive people would easily get a partner. But does this statement is true' The paper will analyze the effect of physical attractiveness and personality in a relationship formation. The writer will be using several researches and studies done to assess the validity of such claim…
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Influence of physical attractiveness and personality on relationship formation
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Extract of sample "Influence of physical attractiveness and personality on relationship formation"

Download file to see previous pages (Gonzales, 2008). Some uses physical attractiveness as factor to consider in choosing the person to have a relationship with. Simple observations like clothes he wears, the way he talks, the way he walks and others may lead to the interpretation of a variety of other characteristics. In the literature review the paper presented researches and study done on physical attractiveness and personality on relationship. One of the study was done by Gonzales, Casey of Department of Psychology in Loyola University of New Orleans (2008). In 2001 Yela and Sangrador of Univeristy of Madrid releases their article, "Perception of Physical Attractiveness throughout Loving Relationship". In the article they try to verify various hypotheses about the importance of physical attractiveness (PA) in loving relationships, based on known psycho-social processes. Also included in the review are the researches done by
Gilles on 1994. In this article the writer presented two useful and complementary models of relationship development: the Social Penetration Theory and Attraction. At the end of this letter the writer will show his own view about the topic.
In the study done by Casey Gonzales of the Department of Psychology in New Orleans presented three characteristics that affect interpersonal attractiveness across a range of social relationships these are: warmth, competence and physical attractiveness. (2001). Warmth is described as a positive outlook and positive attitude towards people and things. Competence matters mostly when it depends on the nature of the relationship that he/she has with a person. Physical attractiveness according to Gonzales (2001) is the most difficult of the three characteristics because it is hard to avoid forming impressions of people based on their appearance. This implies that if a person is physically attractive he/she also has other positive qualities as well. Also in the article written by Gonzales (2001) when choosing someone to have a relationship with the characteristics of warmth, competence and physical attractiveness are important influences. Many studies showed that although both sexes view a partner's physical attractiveness as an asset, men placed greater value on the physical attributes of a partner than women did (Feingold, 1990; Jackson, 1992; as cited by Taylor et. al). In a national survey of Americans, women were more willing than men to marry someone who was not "good looking"(Sprecher, Sullivan, & Hatfield, 1994). Women also prefer older partners while men prefer younger partners. Women place greater emphasis on a partner's economic resources than men do. Men were more willing than women to marry someone who was not likely to have a steady job, earned more, and had more education. These sex differences have been found not only in the United States but in a wide range of other cultures as well (Buss, 1989).
Yela and Sangrador (2001) presented scientific study on the importance of physical attractiveness and personality in forming a relationship. Using variables and measurement technique they evaluated how physical attractiveness greatly influences the person to pursue to have a relationship. Social psychology emphasize that the role played by physical attractiveness in our social cognition, behaviors, and interpersonal relationships is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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