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Attraction is indeed a very complex phenomenon. It needs to be studied in a proper manner before one could delve further about the different ways and means attraction comes out as an entity in its own righteous way. Attraction happens instantly at times while at others it becomes a source of problem when it comes to its understanding…
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Download file to see previous pages It is also possible that the other individual is repelled when it comes to the liking and disliking discussion.
Speaking from a very spiritual perspective, it is up to the human beings as to how they see the basis of their life shaping up and what measures they enact in order to decide between the good and the bad, the virtue and the evil. It is also a known truth that evil seems to make home within the hearts of the human beings in a faster manner than goodness would do. (Author Unknown, 2006) This is because there is more attraction in going towards the evil and actually committing to it as compared to the good deeds that are also in abundance in this world. The difference is that good deeds make their way within our hearts in a slow but calming way. However it is also a known piece of information that virtue has its own way of reaching our hearts and just like water it chooses its own route, no matter how tough the barriers ought to be.
Thus attraction is a very complex system to understand in the sheerest sense. As human beings age, they start developing feelings which they did not have in the past. Then again as they grow older, they start getting away from things they found attractive in the yesteryears. There are different comprehensions when it comes to getting aged. Age changes the different nuances of attraction and quite rightly so. With that the circumstances that take their toll on a person with the changing times and events, also shape up the manner under which his attractive intents are altered or amended. He might like a particular thing when he is a teenager but will laugh off the belief that he actually liked such a thing in the past, at a later stage. Experiences also shape up the way people perceive attraction. A grown up individual would most likely get attracted to intellect and knowledge while a teenager would go for looks and worldly possessions in a person. Therefore it would be right to deduce that attraction is a very complex phenomenon which has more levels of understanding within it than the human mind can even think of. Getting attracted to a person of the opposite gender is just one of the aspects that come under this debate. (Sprecher, 2002)
Infatuation is one form of attraction that develops in a person when he sees someone from the opposite gender. He feels that this is some form of love which has come for his own good yet this is a short term phenomenon which takes over his mind and heart completely. He starts believing in the power of love but what he forgets is the fact that this is mere infatuation at the end of the day and nothing else. Infatuation, if continued for a long period of time could change into love but there are very less chances of this happening. Usually this fades away after a certain period of time. Attraction similarly is a phenomenon which fades off after the individual exhibits certain actions and/or behaviors which are not appreciated by the party which has the attraction button activated within his own personality. (Langford, 1999) These feelings can also change with the passage of considerable time, someone else entering into this person's life or any other reason. It would be correct to state that attraction is indeed a very diverse subject and needs to be broken into smaller sub-segments so that the understanding is drawn out ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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