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What is Marriage - Essay Example

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This essay describes marriage in the way that God instituted it and focus on the Biblical description. The marriage had irrefutably evolved throughout the centuries. Different types of marriage have emerged and became popular blurring its original, ultimate, and intrinsic meaning…
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What is Marriage
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Extract of sample "What is Marriage"

Download file to see previous pages The first marriage is instituted by God in the Garden of Eden. After He created the heaven and earth and all creatures therein, He also created man. However, He also recognized that “It is not good that man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” Thus, He made Eve to complete Adam, to be his companion, to receive his love and share his dominion in all the earth. It should also be noted that as Eve is created from Adam’s ribs, she became the “bone of his bones” and the “flesh of his flesh” which signifies their union.
Biblical marriage, as stated above has three important aspects which is contained in Genesis 2:24. The first is that “a man should leave his father and mother.” In a marriage, this is extremely important. It should also be noted that it is the man who should leave his parents as he is the head of the family. In the house of his parents, the father of the husband is the head of the family. Thus, the first phase of marriage requires him to put up his own dwelling with his wife apart from his parents. This is illustrated in the Bible in the case of Jacob. In the house of his father-in-law, he is considered as a servant. When he returned to his father’s camp, he did not live with them but build his own household. In our modern world, this aspect of marriage is still very important. A separate household is imperative for a family as it allows them to make their own decisions. This also helps prevent disputes arising from the disagreements among parents and children....
In the house of his father-in-law, he is considered as a servant. When he returned in his father's camp, he did not live with them but build his own household (Ptacek 4).
In our modern world, this aspect of marriage is still very important. A separate household is imperative for a family as it allows them to make their own decisions. Also, a man and woman joined in marriage are considered to have a new life of their own and separating them to their parents will ensure this. This also helps prevent disputes arising from the disagreements among parents and children.
The second phase of marriage in Biblical marriage is for man to "cleave to his wife." This aspect is better illustrated by using a simpler word for "cleave." Cleave means to "be joined" which connotes a close, intimate and inseparable relationship with his wife (Ptcaek 5). Being joined is more than just living together. A man and woman bound by marriage will have a meeting not only of mind and heart, but should also have one direction, one purpose, and one faith. This second aspect strongly indicates the eternal covenant between man and woman. A husband "cleaving" to his wife is an illustration of two individuals being joined for the rest of their lives amidst any situation.
The third aspect of marriage is that husband and wife "shall become one flesh." Accordingly, there are three interpretations to this passage. The first one believes that it symbolizes sexual intercourse while the other is the wife's joining the family of her husband. However, a more favored interpretation is the reference to the "flesh" to the natural life (Ptacek 7-9). When God created man with soul, spirit, and body the two being eternal while the physical body perishes after death. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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What Is Marriage Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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