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Islamic Women in the Socio-Political World - Case Study Example

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This paper asks and answers the question about how the role of Islamic women in the society came about is along narrative of Islamic history. But what is obvious in the past and at present is the haggling persistence of women to excel and be seen in the contemporary age. …
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Islamic Women in the Socio-Political World
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Extract of sample "Islamic Women in the Socio-Political World"

Download file to see previous pages As the report stresses the society covered by the virtues and rules of Islamic religion can be observed and be seen to have a patriarchal form where male dominates the female. This is where we get to see the real and the original role of women in the Islamic society.
This paper discusses that part of the teachings of the Q’uran is for women to be submissive to their husbands especially after marriage. It is also said that a woman has no right to talk with other male other than her husband or close relatives. Going over what is mandated and what is expected for women to do is against the Q’uran. However, this kind of belief and practices no matter how oppressive as seen by many feminists and critics continue to spread and obviously still being practiced to places where Islam resides. But going deeper to the subject of women’s oppressive role in the Islamic society, there can be no doubt that women for their part somehow influence male as they make decisions that affect political and economical status. It is interesting to know that the fact that they are submissive to their husbands, they can still affect these decisions, even if they are out of power. Power and influence the book The Heritage of Islam claims are not the same or co-terminous. The quoted line above gives us an inkling that women are significant in the society not because we are arguing about existence but because the effect of women’s influence to male’s decision-making that most of the times is indirectly done and indirectly observed. This situation has long been observed by women and therefore in answer to this need or rather call for change, they have also decided to take part in the different challenges that male have been facing since time immemorial. In the same book by Creevey, it can be understood that with the search for bigger roles in the society, this in now the very famous words we call 'women empowerment.' The goal of this paper is not merely to check what empowerment of women means, or what the process is. This is just however to simply reiterate the events and factors that affected Islamic women to come out of their shells being oppressed masked by the role of a wife to their husbands.
The Heritage of women somehow gives us a glimpse of this abrupt change in the status and giving the Western African as an example, we could see how women tried to rise from the simple roles of just being a wife.
Nowhere in West Africa do women control the political structures or dominate the political process. In all West African countries they are permitted to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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