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Siblings Groups - Essay Example

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Siblings are quite naturally drawn to one another. Generally they share more the genes; they share a history together. Although it is normal for siblings as they develop to have normal disagreements amongst themselves, there is always something between them that draws them together…
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Siblings Groups
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Extract of sample "Siblings Groups"

Download file to see previous pages 'the bonds among brothers and sisters are unique - the longest lasting relationships most people have. The sibling relationship lasts longer than the relationship of parent and child and often longer than that of husband and wife (Barbell, 1995, 1).' Regardless of the lack of literature and research that has been previously collected regarding the importance of the relationship between siblings, far too many children are separated from their siblings when child welfare agencies have to intervene.
This essay will review the current literature concerning the out-of-home placement of siblings including the impact of separation of siblings and research regarding this sensitive issue. Additionally, a further discussion concerning when it may not be in the child's best interest to co-locate siblings will be presented. Lastly, how the findings of this research impact current social work practices will be discussed.
In the last few decades there has been much more attention paid to the importance of the sibling relationship. ...
siblings may become stronger, perhaps even stronger than those between parents
and children. Children in these families learn to depend on each other to
cope with their common life experiences. If intervention intended to
help the children results in their separation from each other, they suffer
additional loss and grief (Barbell, 1995, 1).
This essay will review the current literature concerning the out-of-home placement of siblings including the impact of separation of siblings and research regarding this sensitive issue. Additionally, a further discussion concerning when it may not be in the child's best interest to co-locate siblings will be presented. Lastly, how the findings of this research impact current social work practices will be discussed.
Available Literature
In the last few decades there has been much more attention paid to the importance of the sibling relationship. As stated previously, prior much emphasis was placed on examining the parent/child relationship but the importance of the sibling relationship tended to be overlooked. Often siblings from dysfunctional families can be a tremendous amount of strength and support for one another. This is especially true when they have through their shared past relied heavily on each other for love, comfort and support. Shlonsky et al. in 2005 reported that siblings have the ability to help each other to repair the damage and repair the affects of long term parental neglect and abuse. However, they also noted that the relationships can be damaging as well. This varied response to the sibling relationship and its impact on the formative lives of children discloses more visibly the need for further research into the relationships and a thorough understanding by the social ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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