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Maternal Differential Treatment and Child Adjustment - a Multi-informant Approach - Coursework Example

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The paper "Maternal Differential Treatment and Child Adjustment - a Multi-informant Approach" states that mother-child relationship, problematic behaviour in children if any as evaluated by parents and parent-child relationship from the child’ perspective were the various facets studied. …
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Maternal Differential Treatment and Child Adjustment - a Multi-informant Approach
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Extract of sample "Maternal Differential Treatment and Child Adjustment - a Multi-informant Approach"

Download file to see previous pages The authors have tried to evaluate this aspect in the best possible manner by their unique approach of gathering and evaluating data from both ends of the yardstick, i.e. parental as well as children’s evaluations have been performed and correlated using scientific, well designed and proven methods. The authors have designed the data collection in such a manner so that the ‘differences scores’ and the ‘favouritism scores’ may be correlated and compared for their ability to reflect a truer analysis of the effect of maternal differential treatment (MDT) on the outcome in children. Sibling relationship quality from birth to adolescence is influenced by multiple factors, which includes maternal bonding as well as association with friends (Kramer & Kowal, 2005). The authors have been careful to focus their attention within a specific group of siblings i.e. between four to six years of age, the phase during which cognitive ability and the learning processes are at their peak and the child’s mind is fertile and receptive enough to register any recognisable behaviour differences. The selection of a particularly white population living within a region with not any drastic cultural variations has also normalized some of the variations which could have occurred. 173 working middle-class English families were selected based upon the evaluation criteria of having children within the age range of 4 to 8 years.  The authors were able to arrive at some interesting results wherein some differences in the effects of MDT were noticed in children with respect to their age groups. This particular study was based upon previous research pointers to the fact that differential parental treatment of children had implications on adjustment in children. The authors exploited a ‘single sample’ (The identified parent-children group) to make conclusions based on two different approaches for analyzing the same aspect. The independent variables are the parents and children involved in this study and the designed questionnaire. The dependent variables are the responses obtained and their evaluation and interpretation methods.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maternal Differential Treatment and Child Adjustment - a Coursework.
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