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Disability and Discrimination - Research Paper Example

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The present report focuses on the impact of laws and legislations on employers and how does it encourages and penalizes the employer in order to minimize the workplace discrimination against person with disabilities. Discrimination has been at the centre of discussion for centuries…
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Disability and Discrimination
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Extract of sample "Disability and Discrimination"

Download file to see previous pages lity of people with disabilities whether their disability is artificial or natural and whether we are required to equalize people because of their disabilities (p.15). Though world has recognized the rights of differently-abled persons, little has been done to see the compliance. Disability Discrimination is the process of making decisions affecting an employee based wholly or partly, upon the real or perceived disability of the employee (Davidovich, 2003). According to Brading and Curtis (2000) many employers fail to appreciate that disability does not necessarily imply ability and a disability may not result in handicap therefore assuming that the people with disabilities would not be able to perform adequately at work (p.16). There are several practices of discrimination going on against person with disabilities and it is assumed that in spite of various acts and legislations passed by national and international bodies, the barrier and stigma still exists in the 21st century as contemplated by Brading andCurtis (2000). This paper, therefore, makes in depth analysis regarding discriminatory practices against person with disabilities to the extent of discriminatory practices. Statement of the Problem As stated above, there are several practices of discrimination going on against person with disabilities, but the major form of discrimination comes alive at workplace. Despite Disability Discrimination Act 1995 being in force, making unlawful for an employer for treating disabled person less favourable, the number of discriminatory practice is soaring (Brading and Curtis, 2000, p.15). Why? Why are such discriminations taking place and whether enacted laws and legislations are proving effective? Review of Literature According to International Classification of Functioning...
This reprot approves that tThere are several practices of discrimination going on against person with disabilities and it is assumed that in spite of various acts and legislations passed by national and international bodies, the barrier and stigma still exists in the 21st century as contemplated by Brading and Curtis. This paper, therefore, makes in depth analysis regarding discriminatory practices against person with disabilities to the extent of discriminatory practices. According to International Classification of Functioning disability arises when an individual’s ability to do daily activities, carry out social roles and participate in communal activities that are considered normal or common by the individual and the community, is limited or hindered because of a bodily, sensory, mental and/or intellectual function and environmental barriers.
This paper makes a conclusion that discrimination on people with disability is still prevalent in high economy countries and the apathy of these people in developing and underdeveloped countries can be better understood in the words of Mahmud and Nahala in Yemen. The researches carried out by different agencies show approximate status and scenario of opportunities available to the people with disabilities even in 21st century. Though laws and legislations have been enacted by the International bodies including WHO, ILO and United Nations prohibiting defiance of rights to persons on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, place, and disability among others, the gap remains in the rate of employment and unemployment as well in wages. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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