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Fans and their Diehard Spirit - Essay Example

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Any game that is played on earth would have never survived the changes in time, if it didn’t have any fan support. Indeed it is the fans who really give the life to any game, which is played by mankind. It is really the fan spirit that gives the much needed energy to boost the players who are involved in the game…
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Fans and their Diehard Spirit
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Indeed even today millions go through the writings and the meanings and perceptions, that one can gather from Karl Marx engraved thoughts, can very much be likened to the crowd behaving at the NBA game. People differ in their perceptional qualities and attitudes and it is this difference, which the writer really wants to portray in the context of the NBA game. The writer has been quite successful in this process and allows the reader to very well project the human tendency, to view things differently under altering conditions and situations.

It is very true that in one sense this renders a subtle effect, which helps the players to get on with the game. But fans and spectators who watch a game differ in their viewpoints based on what they see and believe. It is this inner reaction which is produced, that is very well exhibited by them, in the form of different kinds of emotions during the course of the game. In certain cases such emotionally charged up fans turn out to be fanatics, when their spirits burst out of them in the form of violent actions. In many cases where the fans have become fanatics, they lose control on their self and most of them indulge in activities, which cause harm to the surroundings. Indeed a very good example can be had from the incidences that happened during the course of the NBA game between the Boston Celtics versus Utah Jazz, which would give a very good perspective of the fans and their behavior during the course of the game....
But to sum it up it is really the fans that enliven any game, no matter which ever part of earth it is being played, that brings the true spirit of the game. Though the perceptions and their attitudes are totally different, the fans really crowd together and spend their valuable time to cheer up for their home teams. This very well show that people really club together as per their likes and also are more attached to their natives, than to the foreigners. In some cases it is this team spirit and the excessive fan spirit, which really spoils the games since there have been several past occasions of fans turning very rude and indulging in clashes. This is clearly revealed in the below lines that states “The filmmaker was even struck blurring the camera from taking clear shots of the event”. ( This above said human perceptions and the difference in attitudes bringing contrasting actions can be very much likened to the Karl Marx writings, which have the same effect on the reader even after so many years. Karl Marx People around the world perceive things differently because they are quite intrinsically different and are sure to hold different view points, about a certain thing that occurs in the world. This could be with regards to a particular object, a phenomenon occurring in nature or it could be any incidence that normally happens, in the course of the day today life. It is this difference in the view point or the perception of the individual human beings, which Karl Marx tries to bring out through his writings. It very well proves that the same terms, whatever it may be philosophical or any other word that may be used with regards to a particular context, could bring into picture one set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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