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Women in American culture - Essay Example

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This essay discribes that women have witnessed a vast change in society when it has come to their representation in popular culture and they have been influencing society in a very positive manner through this as well. Since the 1920s, women in American culture, gained political equity…
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Women in American culture
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Download file to see previous pages The various generations of women that persisted at the time began to see a gap because younger women were full of fresh energy and good vibes and wanted independence from the clutches of the patriarchal society that they lived within. In short, women yearned for a personal identity of their own and were finally able to get it. They began to have successful careers as well as flourishing families, in tune with the capitalistic spirit of the era. The First World War had allowed women to enter the industrial field and begin working in different factories and producing wartime goods. This change also saw a change in fashion because women took to wearing shorter, more comfortable and manly clothes. They adorned scarves, trousers and blouses and gave away their tight fitting corsets and long flowing gowns because they hampered work and productivity. At this time, designers like Coco Chanel began to pave the way for a new look for women; this soon became a part of a new movement as women were interested in looking pretty, but not becoming slaves to their male counterparts at the same time. They took to fashion like a moth to a flame as they began to dress themselves in a very casual yet independent manner in order to make themselves feel good.Young women began to take claim of their own bodies and became part of the sexual liberation movement. They began to read secretly and understand the works of authors like Freud and Ellen Key. This helped to spark their sexual thoughts and provided them with a new meaning to life.
They began to fight for their right to education and began taking on activities like dance, drama and music. Women began attending dance clubs and taking music as a career and they taught the world that these were not merely frivolities but beautiful talents that could be harnessed and shown to the world. (Woloch, Nancy.) Thus, in the ways mentioned above, most women changed as time changed and gained their own identity; it was not easy for them to break away from their husbands, fathers and brothers however they knew they had to, and they did it. They became a part of the changing pop culture that persisted in America at the time and gave something to their future generations to look forward to. The role of women went from simply nurturing children at home to being a part of music, movies, dance and fashion. As time passed women began to perfect other sources of life and took to arts which included things ranging from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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