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The divine life ventures - Research Proposal Example

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The Divine Life Ventures Research Proposal Dreams are never dependent upon eyes, rather they are born by the visions. We, in TDL Ventures believe in this and it is the core objective behind setting up this organization…
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The divine life ventures
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Download file to see previous pages The Divine Life Ventures Research Proposal Dreams are never dependent upon eyes, rather they are born by the visions. We, in TDL Ventures believe in this and it is the core objective behind setting up this organization. In order to convert this idea into reality, we intend to conduct a research so that we would be able to assess our internal and external factors that will be expected to help us out in making this non-profit organization a success.Importance of Research Selection of a correct research approach is of vital nature, as the chances of success are so much dependent on this. A correctly used research method will enable us to have an exact picture of the future structure. Therefore, we it is inevitable for an organization to have a correct measure or use a suitable research approach to ascertain about the certain important current and future factors of the business. An organization, whether commercial or non-profit, is always formed by believing on some assumptions. For being successful, these assumptions need to be realistic and practical. Mostly, the research work provides a framework for these assumptions, therefore, research approach is always unavoidable. Research Approach For the desired purpose, we will use exploratory research. The reason is, there is not so much work available to be used as reference for this unique idea. However, we will refer to some secondary sources of data as well, but that would be very limited, only to the extent of taking some guideline for a particular direction in research. Our research will help us out in finding some new ways to do something for the blind or visually impaired people. Their needs, wants and ways of recreation will be explored by this exclusive study. Moreover, by knowing them from the inner, we would also be able to address their problems in a better way and this is the purpose of this study and of course, the objective of formation of this organization. Let’s discuss how this approach and the intended research will validate the basic strategic tools of our organization in for future. Vision, Mission and Values Vision statement states what a company looks to be in a long term scenario. Therefore, as we at TDL wants to touch the heights in order to provide best services to our handicapped users without getting a single penny profit over our investments. Therefore, through this exploratory study, we will definitely be finding out ways how to explore new ways to do all this. Mission is somewhat what we want to do by our organization. So it is also very clear that we want to provide best services like transportation, leadership training and personal development so that they could make their own status in society and could spend their lives as a normal man does. Lastly, we can also strive to translate our core values in a more meaningful way by exploratory study and the conduct of research. Defining the target market is not a big deal, but finding out new and better ways to serve them is the matter of great consideration. As the chances of improvement are always there in the quality, lead time and magnitude of the future need. So the question for analysis is, HOW CAN WE ESTABLISH OURSELVES AS A BEST SERVICE PROVIDER FOR THE HANDICAPPED, BLIND AND VISUALLY IMPAIRED PERSONS? Answer of this question is revealed through the following lines. Internal Environment Analysis Internal environment analysis in research can include the discovery of new and improved infrastructure, minimization of turnaround time, trained and well equipped staff, modern machinery, state of the art software, latest researches equipped library, a separate and effective research and development department and a visionary leadership at all the departments and across the beard in organizational hierarchy. External environment Analysis External environment is also very important as far as some analysis for a newly established non-profit organization is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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