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Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption - Lab Report Example

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This paper aims at demonstrating the effect of time on fat absorption in the biscuit holes. The objective is to help us determine the best time required for correct deep-frying and employ better techniques in cooking to avoid wastage and consumption of large amounts of fats in daily rations…
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Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption
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Extract of sample "Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption"

Download file to see previous pages Theoretically, we expect that when food is fried for a shorter time it should lose weight since the water inside evaporates due to heating (Fellows 1-22). However, the results show otherwise with variations on the type of oil used. The data indicates that the longest time used in frying the biscuits was 4 minutes and there was no change in the weight of the biscuits. This indicates that the biscuits never absorbed any fat. Frying biscuits for 2 minutes resulted in a 12.5% increase in weight indicating that the shorter the duration the higher the amount of absorption. Holes fried in Crisco oil lost weight within 25 seconds of heating. When the oil substance burns for long, they turn into gases forming blue smoke that are flammable hence the reason for no absorption by the biscuits. This is the reason the food samples remain the same in weight. When food substances fry within the shortest time, we realize that their weight increases. The data also indicates that when temperatures exceeded 200°C the biscuits gain weight. In conclusion, the best time for frying the biscuit is within four minutes. This is because food substances absorb fats. Our experiment also includes different types of cooking oils and fats, which also creates a variation. Peanut oil, olive oil, and Crisco oil have also little or no effect on the final weight of the biscuits fried. The data also indicates that lard and peanut oil have a poor mouthfeel hence disliked by many people. It, therefore, means that food products fried using these two oils will not fetch high prices in the market because they have a bad mouth feel.

Each group received a package of commercially prepared biscuits. Biscuits cut into small pieces forms holes in this experiment. The initial weight of each hole is taken before frying. 500g of vegetable oil was heated to 160°C and the biscuits fried for two minutes. After frying for two minutes, the holes are dried in the towel and their weigh taken and noted down. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption Lab Report)
Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption Lab Report.
“Effect of Cooking Time in Relation to Fat Absorption Lab Report”.
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