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In my reading of the article “The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project” this week, I learned that the effectiveness of a teacher is greatly affected by their ability to engage students in learning…
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Reflection Journal on The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project
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Reflection Journal on “The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project” Reflection Journal on “The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project” In my reading of the article “The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) Project” this week, I learned that the effectiveness of a teacher is greatly affected by their ability to engage students in learning. It means that as a teacher, I should increase my interaction with my students in class. I realized that clear lesson plans are contributing factors in getting the attention and capturing the interests of the students. Through the reading, I was able to grasp a clearer understanding about the nature of learning disabilities among students and how as a teacher, I can address these issues. The article cited that a teacher’s beliefs and views are influenced by the school environment with which he works with. This finding will make me more conscious about choosing a school where I want to teach. I must make sure that the teaching styles and practices of the school where I choose are aligned with those of mine. I can see myself as a better reflective practitioner by using a combination of teacher-led instruction and student-centered instruction. These two methods of teaching would result in highly motivated students whether with disabilities or without. I believe that the manner by which I interact with my students has a huge effect in my desire to further foster the learning process and develop their cognitive skills. Moreover, I think I will be a better reflective practitioner if I am able to adapt a teaching style which can be effective for all students of varying abilities of learning. The instructional materials that I should use must benefit all my students and not just directed towards a chosen group. After reading the article, my ideas about being a teacher has broadened especially with regards to teaching students with disabilities. I learned that it takes an extra commitment on my part to assist students with learning disabilities. I was greatly affected by the statement in the article about teachers having “to create access to learning, by reducing barriers to learning through accommodations that increase access and by working longer and at greater levels of intensity with their students with learning difficulties” (Jordan, Glenn, & McGhie-Richmond, 2010). This is definitely a challenge to us teachers because it entails more time and effort and a lot of patience. However, it also makes the teaching profession more rewarding. The existence of inclusive classrooms will be a continuing test for us teachers in that it means that we have to adapt our teaching methods to a diverse group of students. We must ensure that the methods we use sustain high levels of achievements for students with varying capacities to learn. As a teacher, I feel that it is important that I do not have any biases or prejudices against students with disabilities. It is imperative that I understand their situation and make the necessary adjustments in teaching. I should not point to their disabilities as the reason for their under achievement. I should not put the blame on the student or to their families for their inability to advance their learnings. Instead, I should devote more time for these students and teach them with greater passion. Work Cited Jordan, A., Glenn, C., & McGhie-Richmond, D. (2010). The Supporting Effective Teaching (SET) project: The relationship of inclusive teaching practices to teachers' beliefs about disability and ability, and about their roles as teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education. 259-266. Read More
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