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Ugi reaction - Thesis Example

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Running head: UGI REACTION Ugi Reaction [Author’s Name] [Class] 15 July 2011 Abstract The Ugi reaction is a four-component chemical reaction that has recently gained unprecedented popularity. This paper defines the Ugi reaction and discusses its advantages…
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Ugi reaction
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Download file to see previous pages Ugi Reaction The Ugi reaction subject has gained unprecedented prominent in recent chemical literature. An explosion of interest toward the Ugi reaction is explained by the rapid development of chemical technologies and the need to solve organic chemistry challenges in a cost-efficient manner. The history of the Ugi reaction dates back to the middle of the 20th century, but it was not before the beginning of the 21st century that its value and benefits for the evolution of organic chemistry were consistently recognized. Ivar Ugi is believed to be the father of all multicomponent reactions [28]. Ugi is also considered the grandfather of the whole combinatorial chemistry [29]. Today’s chemists rely on the advantages of the Ugi reaction, to synthesize diverse collections/ libraries of biologically interesting products. This is particularly the case of the drug industry, which relies on the premise of discovery and innovations and demands fast methods of chemical analysis and synthesis of complex molecules. The Ugi reaction is a popular object of contemporary chemical research. Dozens of studies were performed to understand the hidden benefits of the Ugi reaction and its implications for chemistry. “The Ugi reaction is the one-pot condensation of an amine, aldehyde or ketone, isocyanide, and a nucleophile to afford ?-substitute carboxamide derivatives” [17]. ...
The carboxylic acid is then added together with the imino carbon; acyl transfer rearranges the resulting acylated isoamide, leading to the creation of the desired product [17]. The benefits of the Ugi reaction are numerous. The Ugi reaction is believed to be the most convenient instrument for generating diverse libraries of chemical compounds [8; 9]. That the reaction occurs at room temperature also means that the reaction is relatively simply and cost-effective: it does not require using artificial additions and can be easily held without complex temperature-regulating mechanisms [9]. The Ugi reaction is extremely advantageous for generating pharmacologically active compounds and diverse molecules [9]. For example, it was extensively used to synthesize anti-malarial agents [9]. Most, if not all, Ugi reaction products tend to precipitate in pure form [9; 15; 21]. This is extremely important for the success of other chemical processes, as long as compound mixtures obtained during the Ugi reaction do not require costly purification prior to being used in other chemical procedures [6; 27]. For example, the Ugi reaction does not require the use of costly chromatography and, consequentially, reduces the costs of the process and the final product. Eventually, almost all compounds obtained during the Ugi reaction are quantifiable [6; 38]. No information about potential drawbacks of the Ugi reaction has been available so far. The current state of literature provides extensive information about the Ugi reaction and its practical applications. This is mostly because the Ugi reaction is gradually turning into the key element of chemical research and analysis, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. More and more chemical compounds are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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