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Seasory Perceptions - Term Paper Example

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Reasons for believing in the accuracy of sensory information We use our senses to gain knowledge about the world and about what is happening around us. Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, along with the sixth sense that alarms us of events, are all the senses that we use to perceive and think…
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Seasory Perceptions
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Seasory Perceptions

Download file to see previous pages... The nature has laid down this error free network of neurons in such a way that there is no reason left why we should not believe in the accuracy of our sensory perceptions. (2) The law of size constancy is another reason why sensory information is always correct. Even if the visual angle of the object changes, its size as perceived by our sense of sight always remains the same. Visual angle is the size of that inverted image that is formed on the retina of the eye by the light reflected from the object. This perception of an object size even after a change in its visual angle is accurate enough even in an infant of a few weeks. (3) Human ear is able to perceive sounds that are as deep as 16 cycles per second and as high in pitch as 28,000 cycles per second. “Some people have "perfect pitch", which is the ability to map a tone precisely on the musical scale without reference to an external standard” (Zamora, 2006). This makes us believe that sensory perception is very accurate. Factors contributing to the accuracy of sensory data The biggest factor that contributes to the accuracy of the sensory data is Nature itself. Nature has provided man with best and perfect tools like eye for sight, nose for smell, ears for hearing, tongue to taste, and fingers and skin to sense touch. These tools and their senses are so perfect that nobody can dare to challenge the accuracy of these. There is nothing compatible to Nature. Other factors that contribute to the accuracy of sensory data perception involve genetics obviously. Genes tend to pass on traits from one generation to the next. It is seen that individuals are different from each other because of their genetic makeup granted to them by their parents. Some can perceive information in a better way than others. This is because their genetic traits carry such information in them that help those individuals to perceive and think in a better way. Also, the accuracy of sensory data depends upon the correctness of sensory organs too. If there is a fault in the eye like “certain corneal injuries” (Miller, 2006, p.54), the vision is disturbed. If an ear is faulty, hearing is affected. This is the case with all the senses. Thus, the accuracy of sensory information also depends on the accuracy of the sensory organs. Roles of “nature” and “nurture” in the interpretation and evaluation of sensory data Sleeper and Chudler (2007, p.14) assert that “nature refers to skills humans are born with, and nurture refers to skills humans learn.” Every human being has some inborn or hereditary qualities that are passed over to him through genes; but, there are a lot of other qualities that he learns over time through knowledge and experience. Some researchers support the argument that nature is responsible for the makeup of an individual’s behavioral patterns which help him perceive, interpret and analyze sensory data. Opponents of this approach argue that this interpretation of sensory information has nothing to do with genes because a human being and his sensory perception of knowledge can be modified into whatever kind the nurturer wants him to grow into. We believe that both perspectives are correct. As stated earlier, genes tend to gift a person such traits that help him to use his sensory organs in the best way. Also, a person’s sensory interpretation can be improved through artificial ways like training sessions, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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