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Response - Assignment Example

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Please reply to these 2 people posting ( write your response as a discussion get straight to the point and make it your response short since im only ordering page so divide both responds to equal one page ) 1. Human Development Report. What are the key indicators of well-being?…
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Please reply to these 2 people posting write your response as a discussion get straight to the point and make it your response short since im onlyordering page so divide both responds to equal one page ) 1. Human Development Report. What are the key indicators of well-being? Where is progress being made? Where are we losing ground?  According to United Nations Human Development Report 2011 the key indicators of well being are; 1.  Sustainability which means looking at a site’s natural land, water, and energy resources as integral aspects of the development. It integrates natural systems with human patterns and preserve continuity and uniqueness. 2.  Equity  which means equality between gender and income. Their target point is to minimize gender inequality and empower women as well as setting human rights.  Last year’s report was also emphasizing the importance of sustainability, equity and empowerment. However most of the countries that United Nations is helping were not accomplished to promote these indicators mutually at equal level. The progress has been made this year to analyze how the poor and disadvantaged ones are affected and how important the equity issue as a part of solution. The main goal is to understand the close relation of sustainability and equity in order to get the most out of it for the benefit of human beings.  I think by setting the Millennium Development Goals for the year 2015. United Nation’s Development program will made a huge progress in the key indicators of well being.  For example Electrifying Afghanistan making progress on micro-hydro-power projects that are bringing much needed electricity to rural parts of the country.  Or a clean water access in Vanutu are some of the examples of sustainability done by United Nations.  Pakistan’s Women’s Parliamentary Caucus is a good example of UNDP (United Nations Development Program for sponsoring a project of strengthening democracy trough parliamentary development as a part of gender equity and empowering women.  Besides all above positive outcomes of human development program, United Nations also have data challenges in estimating the Human Development Index (HDI) for some countries. One of the biggest challenges in constructing a composite measure of development like the HDI. As well a challenges related with cross country comparability. Your Response: All of these are more or less theoretical things to say. I believe that once a nation prospers all of these things come naturally. You cannot say that empowerment and equity should come before the country is developed. In fact, history tells us that these things come to nation after it has seen eras of development. There’s a debate as to what comes first. Is it development or is it equity? Similarly HDI is a composite index, but ground realities of every country is different and hence even those countries having a similar position in HDI cannot be on same level in terms of progress and development. 1. The three key components of the Human Development Report are life expectancy, education, and living standards. These factors are combined into a statistic that is called the Human Development Index (HDI). This statistic serves as the frame of reference for both economic and social development.  Globally, there have been greater strides in the educational and life expectancy portions of the HDI. For example, life expectancy climbed from 59 years in 1970 to 70 in 2010, school enrollment rose from just 55 percent of all primary and secondary school-age children to 70 percent by 2010. There are still some areas that the parts of the world are not advancing. One big factor is the inequality of men and women in parts of the world. The disadvantages facing women and girls are a major source of inequality. All too often, women and girls are discriminated against in health, education and the labor market—with negative repercussions for their freedoms.  Response: HDI may be a good measure but not concrete. Human development and progress and advancement are not limited to just these factors. In fact there are many more factors that are more important for progress and development. No two people think alike and for many people good life would be about other things than equality, sustainability and empowerment. In fact these are secondary factors and what really leads to development is good living standard, good purchasing power and a chance of enjoying and entertaining one’s self. Read More
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