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Monitor and improve customer service - Assignment Example

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The key performance indicators, KPIs, are measurement strategies that assist an organization in determining the various goals and the progress that is eminent in relation to the set targets (Hastings). They tend to recognize the important segments of the service duties and…
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Monitor and improve customer service
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Download file to see previous pages The firm is expecting at least twice the number of waiting calls in relation to the calls that are active (Tugnoli ).
The indicator will focus on the number of calls that will lead to the resolving of a particular problem as put forward by the customers. The institution will need at least ten calls from the consumers in order to look into a particular problem (Parmenter). The number will eliminate any doubts in the existence of the problem.
The perspective will focus on registering the opinions by customers about the provision of the services by the agents of the business entity (Kerzner). The feedbacks will ensure the apprehension of consumer needs and the upgrade as per the consumer satisfaction.
The aspect will register the time that elapses when an agent attends to the client. The information will evaluate the efficiency of the workforce. The time measure will also register the ability of the institution in handling complaints.
Every employee objective has a link with at least one KPI. The fact will make sure that the evaluation of the performance is simple and efficient. To be more specific, the institution will employ the unit team key performance indicator. The indicator will illustrate the ratio of the difference between the complaints that an agent handles that result to customer satisfaction against the number of the customers that are not satisfied. The KPI illustrates the performance of the human resource.
The following questionnaire will focus on acquiring customer feedback as well as registering the performance from the consumers’ perspective. Any information henceforth will be confidential and shall not be available to the public.
The title of the essay illustrates the possible upgrades that the customers suggest about the prevailing customer service exercises. The propositions here in also concentrate on the possible weaknesses of the program. Consequently, goes a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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