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Language and allusion analysis of Teaching English from an Old Composition Book,Constantly Risking Absurdityand The Love Song - Essay Example

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Imagery and Symbolisms in Three Poems Poems breathe life to what seems to be inanimate in a traditional perspective. It gives meaning to words not found within the context of literal understanding. The role of imagery and symbolism greatly affects the voice and mood of the poems, to balance with the theme…
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Language and allusion analysis of Teaching English from an Old Composition Book,Constantly Risking Absurdityand The Love Song
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"Language and allusion analysis of Teaching English from an Old Composition Book,Constantly Risking Absurdityand The Love Song"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, these could be symbols in a way that it collectively describes the speaker’s past, as full of regrets and wasted opportunity, especially in taking risks for intimate relationships. Using descriptive devices, such as sensory details, further developed the feeling of insecurity the speaker has, saying: "with a bald spot in the middle of my hair” (Eliot 39). Images and symbolisms go hand in hand; however, they can exist without the presence of the other. Like Eliot’s work, the poem “Constantly Risking Absurdity” written by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, is built around imageries, symbolisms and few allusions. According to Edward Kent, Ferlinghetti’s poem is the writer’s definition of poets, as he performs “like an acrobat” (Ferlinghetti 6) every time he writes. It is the poet’s duty to present the unshakable truth to his audience, and if he fails to do this, he would fall to his death just like what a careless acrobat can become (Kent 1244). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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