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Reflection Paper - 10 Principles learned so far - Essay Example

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Reflection Paper on the 10 Principles Learned So Far Narrative I have understood narrative essays through the story entitled “Perfect Picture” written by James Alexander Thom. The approach used was basically telling the story of a horrific accident where the grandfather’s vehicle inadvertently ran over his granddaughter who, he did not know, was on the driveway, that eventually killed her…
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Reflection Paper - 10 Principles learned so far
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Download file to see previous pages I learned that a narrative essay’s aim is to tell a story in a clear and structured fashion to assist the readers in understanding and in empathizing with the characters in the story. Descriptive From the descriptive essay entitled “The Loneliness of Rose” written by Jon Katz, I realized that this kind of literary work focuses on providing detailed illustration of the topic being discussed – in this essay, a border collie named Rose. The author went on great lengths to provide details of Rose’s skills, traits, the work being done, competencies as a work dog. Another essay, “Traffic Jams” also provide descriptive information on a routine back home from work, travelling the Manhattan to Brooklyn plight. The traffic jam situation could ordinarily be viewed as an uncomfortable test of one’s patience but the vast amount of details provide replete amounts of descriptive details worthy of the reflective time. Persuasive The abovementioned essays under the descriptive principle have elements of persuasive details. In “Perfect Picture” through narration, the author likewise persuades the readers for the need to discern appropriate judgment in determining options and alternatives presented in particular situations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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