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Journal 1 Information Structures - Essay Example

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Lecture: Information Technology in Public Organizations: An Overview Lecture Summary: Week 2 lecture tackled “Information Technology in Public Organizations: An Overview”. The main argument of the lecture points towards information being a key driver of government programs as it is information which dictates how government business is conducted…
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Journal 1 Information Structures
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"Journal 1 Information Structures"

Download file to see previous pages There are, however, challenges which needs to be addressed so that the government can fully benefit from the IT, particularly pertaining to policy, strategy, data and information control, costs, workforce and changes. These rests on the shoulders of the CIO and the proficiency of agency leaders to match the rapid influx of technology with the corresponding policy decisions (Fountain, 2007, 63-93). Readings: Fountain, Jane, E. 2007. “Challenges to organizational change”: Multi-Level integrated information structures (MIIS). In Governance and information technology: From electronic government to information government, ed. Viktor Mayer – Schonberger and David Lazer, 63-93. Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Main argument Governments are big users of information and appropriate resources to create, share and disseminate information to enhance delivery of public services. Design of information flow, however, revealed several challenges which need to be addressed in terms of complexity of a tri-level nature of change at the micro-level, organizational and inter-organizational levels, and institutional level. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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