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EDU 636 DB 3 - Essay Example

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There are many ways for a student to learn today. Some of those ways are the traditional way of going to a brick-and-mortar college, e-learning, and computer-based training. There are many advantages, and disadvantages to all these forms of learning. In this paper e-learning, and computer-based training will be discussed in more detail…
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EDU 636 DB 3
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Download file to see previous pages The biggest advantage of e-learning is that the person who is receiving the training can schedule the classes according to the student’s schedule. An e-learning classroom is self-paced, and the student does not need to turn in assignments according to a schedule, (N. A., N. D.). There are also many disadvantages to an e-learning environment. One of the biggest disadvantages is that students who are not motivated will not complete the course on time, and students often a feel isolated because there is not traditional and unique learning experience, (N. A., N. D.). Students who begin to feel isolated at the lack of intercommunication with the learning environment may become lonely, and begin to fall behind because the student became unmotivated to complete assignments on time. Computer-based training is a way for students to earn a college degree while online. Just like e-learning computer-based training has many advantages, and disadvantages. Some of the advantages, and disadvantages of a computer-based training program can be similar to the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning. The biggest advantage of computer-based training is the lower costs involved for students when students enroll in a computer-based training course. Also, assignments and classes can be scheduled around the students person schedule. However, assignments usually have a deadline. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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